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Ravus, Annabelle, and Kurei's quest. (CLOSED)

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Re: Ravus, Annabelle, and Kurei's quest. (CLOSED)

Post by Annabelle on Tue Aug 15, 2017 6:48 pm

Annabelle wakes up and yawns while stretching her hands up in the air. She rubs her left eye and removes the covers from her body. Annabelle looks around the room but doesn't see Kurei. He didn't go by himself, did he? Annabelle grunts. The fool. He could get killed being so reckless as to go on his own. She grabs all her belongings and weapons then heads straight out the door, making sure she has everything she needs with her. When she gets outside she notices the clouds are gray and barely any sun is shining through. It looks like it might start snowing soon. She thought. Annabelle then glances over towards Ravus's room and tilts her head to the side thoughtfully, then shakes her head trying to clear it. She notices a path in the snow and decides to go follow it. Maybe that's where Kurei went! She grabs onto her sword that sits secured in its sheath and heads on.

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Re: Ravus, Annabelle, and Kurei's quest. (CLOSED)

Post by Ravus Bacavan on Tue Aug 15, 2017 10:50 pm

In his room he was wrapping bandages around his hand, and applying chalk to his palms. His blades were leaning to the side of the bed, and a strange longbow was stretched across the other bed. The gauntlet was breathing on the dresser, as he was hunched over sitting across from the blades. Once he was done, he picked up his weaponry. He noticed Annabelle running into the forest just as he left his room.

"For heavens sake, what are they doing..?"

He ran in after her.
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