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Ravus Bacavan.

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Ravus Bacavan. Empty Ravus Bacavan.

Post by Ravus Bacavan on Fri Jul 21, 2017 12:52 am

Ravus Bacavan. Animeb10Name: Ravus Bacavan
Age: 25
Origin/Home: He doesn't know where he was born. He lived most of his life as a slave in a European kingdom.
Gender: Male.
Deity: Ryner, the hollowed. He keeps a secret though.
Sexual Orientation: Straight.
Race: Demon, again, he keeps it secret.
Background/History: Ravus Bacavan since he could remember he was a slave in a European country, around Germany today. Apparently, he was sold by his parents to the kingdom as a slave so the parents could have the money to live. Because of his demonic origin, he was a fighter for the entertainment of the kingdom till his eventual escape, along with heavy lifting and other things. Because of his work in the Colosseum, he always had a knack for fighting. He had the ability to take on opponents much larger, or much smaller. He was a champion but still treated like trash. Once, he protected a younger slave, from being beaten by a knight. He killed the knight with his bare hands, but he was going to be punished for his sins. Through execution by hanging. But, a father figure of his, volunteered to be executed in his wake so Ravus could live. Once witnessing personally his practical father being hanged, he was emotionally damaged and angered. This, is when he tried to contact Ryner, the deity of Shadows and Lies. When he did so, he asked Ryner, begging him, to kill the knights and royal family of the damned kingdom. Ryner agreed to under one circumstance. Ravus Bacavan, in exchange for the death of everyone in the kingdom, would agree to seek out and kill anyone who Ryner wishes. He agreed without a second thought. Once he did, Ryner massacred the entire Kingdom, everyone but him and the slaves. Once he did, he was given the Tailsman of Ryner. He tucked the pendant in his shirt, and hid away the tattoos with his clothes. He took a simple blade, from the kingdom, as he freed all the slaves after Ryner had finished the kingdom off. He had nothing else to give them, so he left to become an assassin and a thief. After his escape, he left the former, destroyed kingdom to the Elven kingdom. At the time, he was 15. So he had to take some money he stole from the former kingdom to buy a temporary hotel room. He had enough money for about a month. During this time, he plotted stealing a dual wield legendary weapon from a tomb of an Elven king. But, due to the place being heavily guarded, he would have a hell of a time. Using the blade he stole from the kingdom, he raged his way through, using his powers and the sword. Once he did, he took the twin blades and made them his signature weapons. Then he went on the run in the Elven Kingdom as Public Enemy #1. He would steal food, money, anything he could get his hands on. Along with doing the odd assassination job for Ryner. His life was pretty placid from that point on, before meeting up with the rest of the crew. Today, he is seen with peculiarly fine clothes, with the twin blades tucked in his jacket, with his bow hanging at his side.
Personality: He is a naturally rude person, with a touch of sarcasm. He doesn't seem to fear anybody, except Ryner. He is a notably confident person, not expecting to lose any fights he participates in.
Likes: He likes fighting, hand to hand, or sword to sword. He also has an odd love for spicy food.
Dislikes: He doesn't like angels or any human in particular.
Mate/spouse/lover: None
Ravus Bacavan
Ravus Bacavan

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Ravus Bacavan. Empty Re: Ravus Bacavan.

Post by Annabelle on Fri Jul 21, 2017 4:01 pm


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