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Ariclix, the Inner Animal

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Ariclix, the Inner Animal Empty Ariclix, the Inner Animal

Post by Aerin Vae on Fri Aug 04, 2017 12:51 pm

Ariclix, the Inner Animal 3711e34ef7ed6742884fe52973b5f7ca
Name: Ariclax
Age: 16
Origin/Home: Guro's Tropics
Gender: Female
Deity: Terra
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Race: Human
Background/History: Ariclax's mother died while giving birth to her, which left her exposed to the wild of the tropics. She only stayed alive by drinking her dead mothers milk for a few hours. after that, she was left to die on the forest floor. But, where she would've died, she didn't. Instead, she was bitten in the ankle by a leopard and dragged to it's den. It was strange, instead of eating her, they took her in as a cub. She drank her milk, play-fought with them, and, overall, got along very well. Eventually, at the age of 3, she had begun a transformation, a magical one. She was becoming more animal than human, and the magic that was coming to effect was bodily-transformation magic. It started with her growing leopard fur along her back. Then, months later, her back legs developed into paws. And, gradually over that year, she became a leopard, but, that was when disaster struck. A number of extremely venemous snakes had come during the night and poisoned and killed almost all of the leopards, except for Ariclax. The snakes let her live, see, snakes were very itelligent and magical creatures, and they could sense the pure magic running through Ariclax's veins. They took Ariaclax in hoping to make her one their own, because, a leopard cub could definitely get them some proper food. For the next year, Ariclax was raised by the snakes, and, eventually, she started to become a snake. She hunted various rats and other vermin. Until, when she was hunting, she had seen a bear. She followed it, without it's knowledge for months, until it finally realised she was there. After that, it tried to attack her, resulting in Ariclax having to kill the bear. After she killed it, a glow smothered his vision, and drew her into the bears body, making her black out when she touched it. When she woke up, she was the bear. It was then, that she realised her true power. She could turn into an animal by bring near it for extended periods, or by killing it. She could change into any animal at will, and could revert to human form. After finding out this, she sought to strenghten her power, not only did she take the animals form, but could mix them! As in, having the strenght of a bear, the claws of a leopard, the eyes of a snake, etc. Not to mention she could speak to them instead. After many years, Ariclax had learned to master her power. Until, one day, she heard of a species she had not yet understood, the most dangerous of all. A DRAGON! After her encounter with the dragon, she sought weapons, swords, axes, pickaxes, anything he could find. After this, it was the hardest of all, Races, Angel, Orc, Vulcum, Faerie, Deamon, Mermaid, Terrali and most improtantly... Human. She began her journey to Kiru City, to try and find out as much as possible about this most inquititive species.
Personality: Ariclax is an inhumane person, she acts odd due to growing up in so many different ways, sometimes not knowing what to do, she doesn't know a lot of english, but she really tries. She can be easily described as animalistic.
Likes: Animals, learning, magic, the wild.
Dislikes: Loud noises, destruction, nature being hurt.
Mate/Spouse/Lover: None

-Created by Thetia
Aerin Vae
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