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Aerin Vae, the Soul Demon

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Aerin Vae, the Soul Demon

Post by Aerin Vae on Tue Aug 15, 2017 10:13 am

Aerin Vae #1:
Aerin Vae #2:
Name: Aerin Vae
Age: 200
Origin/Home: The Fae
Gender: Male
Deity: Demon
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Race: Demon
Background/History: Aerin was the son of a queen in a faraway land known as the Fae. His father was a demon and his mother was a fairy. His father had married the queen and had become a prince, thus was his goal. Once he had made an heir and that heir was 4 years old, he betrayed the queen and assassinated her in her sleep. Following this, his father began to draw his fairy powers away from him, using it to stay in the fae without being banished. After years of bring hidden away, Aerin began to hate himself - and his life in general. His magic weakened in synchronisation with his soul and his wings turned dark.

However, one night, a voice spoke out to him from the darkness. Commanding him to kill his father. He refused outright, but two months later, when the voice reappeared, he couldn't resist the urge to be free from this prison. He burst through the dungeon and stabbed his father through the heart. He heard the ominous laugh of the voice and a black fog flew into him through his arm. He retaliated, but it was no use. It crept up his body and into his soul, changing him. He rose the next day with more power than he could hold. He obliterated the castle without harming the civilians and swept through the kingdom, destroying anything that would interfere with him. However, after a short time, the council of Faye acted on him, and locked him into a cave with ancient magic, where he resided for 55 years. He absorbed the power of this realm and read about where he planned to travel to. And, when the spell waned, he burst out, and into a place known as Zero, dragging remnants of the kingdom with him.

Personality: Aerin is claustrophobic after being trapped in the cave for 55 years. He loves humanity in all it's different shapes and sizes and knows a great deal about them. He tends to get depressed often over things other's would see as small - though. He also longs for a family to replace the one he had never had, and hopes that their relationships will hold them together. He is also very intelligent, although it mightn't seem like it. However, if he Is threatened, he will destroy all those who oppose him.
Likes: Sweet things, learning things, humanity in all it's forms, animals, open areas, the oceans and skies.
Dislikes: Violence
Mate/spouse/lover: None
Aerin Vae
Aerin Vae

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Re: Aerin Vae, the Soul Demon

Post by Annabelle on Tue Aug 15, 2017 9:01 pm


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