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Annabelle's Weapons

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Annabelle's Weapons Empty Annabelle's Weapons

Post by Annabelle on Sat May 30, 2015 11:32 pm

Image: Annabelle's Weapons Sword1
Name of Weapon: Sword of Bloody Entrails
Type: Defensive/Offensive
Class: A
Effect: Cuts through opponents like butter and gauges out their entrails. When this sword gets the taste of blood it grows larger in size for a short amount of time.
Drawback: Can't be used for long ranged attacks, can't be used to kill Angels.

Image: Annabelle's Weapons Medieval_Royal_Crusader_Shield_SH20
Name of Weapon: Destiny's Barricade
Type: Defensive
Class: A
Effect: Shields holder from damage.
Drawback: Can't be used offensively. Is heavy and can't be flailed around easily. Can't be used to prevent getting crushed by huge falling objects.

Image: Annabelle's Weapons 41ORm8fEphL
Name of Weapon: Sainte Tueur
Type: Offensive
Class: B
Effect: Used for battle like a normal sword, but holds a special power that kills Angels if it was to stab them through the heart, lung, stomach, or head. Getting a limb cut off from this sword will not kill an Angel but it would be extremely painful.
Drawback: As weapon is being used in battle its holder experiences a great loss of energy. Energy is gained back only if weapon delivers the final blow towards the opponent.

Image: Annabelle's Weapons 50_cal10
Name of Weapon: The Pacifier
Type: Offensive
Class: C
Effect: Shoots 50 Caliber hollow point silver tipped bullets.
Drawback: Has a huge recoil and sends arms flailing back once every shot.

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Annabelle's Weapons Empty Re: Annabelle's Weapons

Post by Amaterasu on Thu Jun 04, 2015 3:50 pm


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