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Pir and Alucard, the Blood of the Vampire's

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Pir and Alucard, the Blood of the Vampire's

Post by Aerin Vae on Fri Aug 04, 2017 12:53 pm


Name: Pir and Alucard, The Blood of The Vampire's
Age: Unknown, as old as vampires.
Origin/Home: Shadow Lands, Starfall Cove.
Gender: Male
Deity: Sanguinecolor]
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Race: Vampire
Background/History: Pir has been around for a long time. He served as the first Vampire Emperor's court-wizard. He was trained in the art of blood, in hope that he would help the vampire's by bringing down the Blood moon, allowing vampires to leave their home in Starfall Cove. However, he could not perform the spell correctly, so he was beaten. The vampires around him were years old, some maybe older than him. Day after they, they tortured and bet him, waiting for the day when he summoned to moon. Eventually, Pir began to develop a... darker side. A masochistic side, who enjoyed the pain. Pir learned to rely on this form whenever his beatings were due, and thus gained some resolve from it.

Eventually, however, the beatings became too much for Pir - himself - to muster. He prayed to the Lord Sanguine, and that night, he answered. He cut his hand and held it to Pir's mouth, using his deiitific status to force him to drink. This GREATLY empowered Pir and healed all of his torture scars. The next day, when he was made try for the blood moon - He succeded. He was revered by his race, almost forgetting his previous fate. Until a few weeks later - the blood moon faded. Pir tried to run from the village, knowing his fate. But was easily captured by the king - Drang, the Thirsty. He was thrown into the dungeon and his fate repeated. He prayed to Sanguine one last time - completely overtaken by his alternate persona - Alucard. It communicated with Sanguine, and after a small while. He was granted a gift. An extraordinarily strong power - Named 'The blood of Sanguine'. After one use, he instantly wiped out his entire village, and absorbed their strength, granting him their abilities. Due to using a deities power - though - Pir's Blood Moon and Bloof of Sanguine were weakened, but were still might abilities to behold.  

Personality: Pir is a kindhearted, chivalrous and intelligent vampire. He has extreme interest in Zero and was sent there from his hometown, on an unknown quest. He likes helping whenever he can, and it hurst him a great deal to see others in pain. Alucard is a dark half of Pir (Dark does not mean evil). He is a cruel person - Being brought into being through Stockholm's Syndrome. He likes pain, but will not go out of his way to cause it. Pir has more control than Alucard, but his memories of what happened when he was Alucard are wiped.
Likes: Vampires > Every other race. Zero, knowledge, learning, mannerisms, Sanguine, blood, Happiness, peace.
Dislikes: Pain, Alucard, weakness, age and sadness.
Mate/spouse/lover: None

-Created by Thetia
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