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Monsters: Bandits

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Monsters: Bandits

Post by Kurei Natsumori on Thu Jul 02, 2015 1:47 am

Elven Bandit
Level: 1
Normal Type
Equipment: Hooded cloak, twin daggers, and Leather Armor.Comes with a Falcon.
The elves ears stick out between their black cloak easily giving off their racial appearance. They are covered from head to toe in leather armor and are extremely agile, avoiding nearly all attacks with their impressive speed and agility. Anything to slow them down or block limit their options of movement are best in order to land attacks. The falcon is used to carry messages or sometimes used to distract or blind enemies by pecking at their face and eyes.
Powers: Speak to animals & natural at tracking

Raiton Bandit
Level: 2
Lightning Type
Equipment: Katana strapped to their back, Leather Armor and black cloak.
Lightning bandit capable of shooting Lightning and using lethal grapples to use someone as hostage without reversals unless the person has +2 more strength than them.
These ninja like bandits can move lots of their to transport others to safety and move things from one area to another. In addition they are able to stun their enemies. They don't mind running away and forcing you to roll more dice.
Powers: Lightning Dash: Teleports at the speed of lightning 20yards away, taking along with them what ever person or object with them. Usually teleporting two Elven Bandits with them. Cooldown is 10posts.  
Lightning Bolt: Shoots forth a lighting bolt from their hands that stun a person and hurt them on contact, if the shot misses and hits a surface(or ground) it leaves a static shock net that deals no damage, but will stun anyone within 10ft diameter of the shot. Cooldown 4post.
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