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Monsters of the Volcano

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Monsters of the Volcano

Post by Guest on Sat Dec 19, 2015 11:48 pm

Name: Lava Guardian
Level: 2
Normal Type: Lava (Fire/Earth)
Equipment: None
Description: "A massive creature crafted from the very core of the volcano to keep out intruders. It keeps close to the center of the volcano, and tries to kill any who dare approach. It is a large carnivorous monster with a molten cobra for a tail."
    Erupt Reflux- The cobra tail spits out molten lava. It can use this attack every 10 posts.

Name: Magma Thrasher
Level: 1
Normal Type: Lava (Fire/Earth)
Equipment: None
Description: "A shark made of molten rock and fire that is capable of swimming in the volcano's lava. It varies in size from 10 to 20 feet, and hunts in groups ranging from 1 to 5. Its vicious nature causes it to hunt frequently and indiscriminately, eating anything and everything. The volcanic rock on his head makes it great from crashing into prey, if necessary."
    Full Impact- It builds up speed by swimming hidden within the lava out of prey's view, and rushes at full speed, using its hardened rock head for added damage. It is capable of using this every 4 posts.


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