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Mountainous Monsters

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Mountainous Monsters

Post by Guest on Mon Dec 14, 2015 12:40 am

Name: Basilisk
Level: 1
Normal Type
Equipment: Razor sharp blades on their heads
Description: "Vicious monsters that are a cross between serpent and bird. Underneath their vibrant feathers are scales stronger than stone. Although not too powerful on their own, their real power is their ability to attack and communicate in large numbers. The craggy Heavenfang Mountains make for an excellent home for these creatures."
    Screeching Hiss- The basilisk lets out a high pitch deafening noise that doesn't do any real damage, but leaves opponents incapable of hearing anything but a ringing in their ears for 5 posts, but can last as long as 10 posts if multiple basilisks use it at once. Each basilisk can use this every 11 posts.
    Feather Lance- By swinging their wings forward in an abrupt motion, a dozen feathers as sharp as knives shoot forward, cutting anything they hit. This attack has an 8 post cooldown.

Name: Fulmera
Level: 2
Normal Type: Lightning

Equipment: None
Description: "A beast made of pure lightning that lives throughout the mountains. Although they are solitary creatures, it is not uncommon to encounter a group of 2, or even 3, but never more than that. It hunts any kind of creature it comes across, even people. It can absorb any lightning attacks, recharging itself in the process. Uses its claws and fangs as its primary attacks."
    Bolt Discharge- Lets loose a lightning wave in all directions, shocking all those around it. Mainly used for defense against enemies which gets too close. It can use the attack every 9 posts.
    Storm Overcharge- By converting all its built up power, the fulmera grows large lightning spikes off its back and legs, and its claws and fangs extend to triple size. This change lasts up to 10 posts, but needs has a cooldown of 16 posts, unless hit by lightning attacks, which completely gets rid of the cooldown.


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