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Labracioh Monsters

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Labracioh Monsters

Post by Guest on Sat Dec 19, 2015 10:54 pm

Name: Pirate Scalawag
Level: 1
Normal Type
Equipment: A rusty single-edged steel sword
Description: "The remains of a low ranking pirate who spent his life looking for treasures beyond his wildest dreams. They lost their life in search of the treasure, now they wander around, killing those who cross their paths. Slow moving undead pirates with weak strength due to their rusted weapon."
Powers: None

Name: Pirate Derringer
Level: 2
Normal Type
Equipment: 2 flintlock pistols and a steel sword
Description: "A pirate whose preferred weapon is the flintlock pistol, which it can use with above average accuracy. It mindlessly walks, looking for targets to shoot, firing at anything that moves. Being that it uses single shot pistols, it must reload after every shot."
Powers: None

Name: Banshee
Level: 1
Normal Type
Equipment: None
Description: "The lost soul of a siren betrayed by the sea itself. As her spirit continues on, it kills anyone close by, hoping to regain her lost life. Her beautiful siren voice has transformed into a wailing scream of anguish. Prolonged exposure drives her victims to madness, allowing her an easier time to steal their soul."
    Desolate Yowl- The banshee emits a blood curdling wail, rendering targets immobilized for 1 post. If hit with this attack 3 or more times, targets are left in a state of panic, unable to use powers for 5 posts. The Desolate Yowl has a cool-down of 8 posts.

Name: Spectral Lancer
Level: 2
Normal Type: Wind
Equipment: A 3 foot one-handed steel lance
Description: "A valiant type of foot soldier who's arsenal was solely dependent on the powerful lance it carries. Upon dying on the battlefield, it's desire to fight carried on, manifesting itself into a war crazed ghost warrior. It retains its battle wits and abilities, as well as gaining the elemental power of wind."
    Typhoon Spiral- As it pulls its lance back to ready an attack, wind begins to spiral around the entire lance, strengthening the already powerful weapon. Upon being hit by the weapon, the target is sent flying backwards, depending on how much of the lance hit them, as well as where it hit them. This attack is possible every 10 posts.
    Cyclone Rush- The lancer builds up a large amount of air directly behind it, and as it steps forward to attack, the wind launches it forward, adding momentum and giving more force to its attack. The lancer can use this attack every 7 posts, and can combine it with Typhoon Spiral.


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