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Special Monsters

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Special Monsters

Post by Guest on Mon Dec 14, 2015 12:17 am

Name: Zverud, the Corrupted Kobold
Level: 3
Normal Type: Earth
Equipment: Blacksteel Scale Armor
Description: "A fierce Kobold warrior who discovered a strange gem that held the soul of the cursed dragon Drakun within it. The gem poisoned Zverud, morphing him into a dragon warrior who's one purpose is to destroy the world and those that imprisoned Drakun."
     Sand Tempest- Zverud's wings conjure up a massive sandstorm that limits vision to a 1 foot range, expect for Zverud, and lasts for 5 posts. This can be used once every 10 posts.
     Earth Shatter- Zverud punches the ground in front of him, splitting the earth apart up to 20 feet ahead of him. Along with the splitting, the ground in  20 foot radius quakes from the impact. This attack can be used every 20 posts.
     Crushing Blitz- Zverud rushes toward an opponent, almost disappearing from sight, and unleashes a flurry of attacks on a single enemy, striking them from multiple angles. This attack can only be used twice per topic.

Name: Verglas, the Glacial Golem
Level: 3
Normal Type: Ice

Equipment: Rime Edge, a giant frozen axe for a right hand
Description: "Standing at an imposing 50 feet tall, Verglas is composed entirely of ice and frozen rock. It waits for those foolish enough to challenge it. Fighting is the only thing it lives for, nothing more, nothing less."
     Avalanche- Summons a wave of ice and snow in the air, which comes crushing down upon those in front of Verglas. Verglas uses this attack every 7 posts.
     Frozen Pillar- A giant pillar of ice launches from underground which is 10 feet across and rockets 30 feet in the air. This attack can be used every 15 posts.
     Arctic Absolution- Verglas releases cold air from his feet which begins to freeze the ground up to 40 feet in all directions, freezing anyone caught in it up to their knees. Those affected by this attack remain frozen for 5 posts. Can only be used once per topic.

Name: Ignus, the Magma Golem
Level: 3
Normal Type: Fire

Equipment: Vulcane Blade, a giant fire sword for a left hand
Description: "Born from the very magma from within the world's core, which arose from underground. It stands at a staggering 45 feet tall. All it wants to do is watch the world burn, along with any who dares face it."
     Scorching Wave- Ignus swings his sword, releasing a wave of hot air directly forward. Any hit by this get knocked back 5 feet, and feel fatigued for 3 posts due to the extreme heat. This attack can be used every 12 posts.
     High Caliburn- From his right hand, Ignus fires off 7-9 fireballs, each burning bright orange. Someone hit by a fireball is left with a scorch mark where they were hit. Can be used once every 6 posts.

Name: Gan Ceann
Level: 3
Normal Type: Dark
Equipment: Twin 5 foot long blades and Shadowsteel Armor
Description: "Gan is a fierce knight who was born during the darkest moonless night, arising from the dark shadows, mounted atop Ceann, a two headed horse creature. Both are clad in shadowsteel armor, making them resistant to both light and dark magic. Gan and Ceann are said to have no souls, allowing them to fight with no remorse and no hesitation. They appear at night, appearing from nowhere, and vanishing as the sun begins to rise."
    Calamity Stampede- Ceann enters a full gallop straight toward an opponent, closing any distance that may have been put between Gan Ceann and its target. Ceann with run down any standing in its path. Calamity Stampede has a cool-down of 6 posts.
    Chaotic Backlash- Gan imbues both of its swords with pure darkness. The blades can cut deeper while in this darkness form, causing even more damage than the swords themselves. In addition to this, Gan can fire off waves of darkness by slashing his swords, extending the range of his weapons to 30 feet. Chaotic Backlash lasts for up to 10 posts, and has a cool-down of 16 posts.
     Havok Rampart- Gan Ceann summon a surging wall of darkness around them, nullifying all attacks and powers that come in contact with it for the duration of Havok Rampart. It will last for 3 turns, and has a cool-down of 20 posts.
     Maelstrom Devastation- Gan Ceann's ultimate attack. Gan raises both swords to the sky and darkness begins swirling above him, taking on the shape of a massive sphere, 15 feet in diameter. Charging the attack costs Gan Ceann 1 post. After it is done charging, Gan hurls the sphere of darkness toward his opponents, and upon impact, detonates into an eruption of darkness, that ascends 20 feet into the air. Gan Ceann can use this attack only once per topic.


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