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Annabelle Hart

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Annabelle Hart Empty Annabelle Hart

Post by Annabelle on Mon May 25, 2015 8:22 pm

Annabelle Hart 7b88f4a76d57f1aab3a579107fc92f70
 Name: Annabelle Hart
   Age: 20
   Origin/Home: Large Kingdom
   Gender: Female
   Deity: Reiki and Crona
   Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual~Straight 
   Race: Human
   Background/History: Annabelle comes from a royal bloodline of very wealthy and prosperous Kings and Queens, but when she was of a very young age Annabelle lost both her parents to a revenge seeking Demon whom swore to kill the entire Hart bloodline if he didn't get power over their kingdom. When Annabelle's father refused, the Demon, in a fit of rage, murdered him and Annabelle's mother. Luckily, Annabelle was kept alive by her parents as their final act of kindness. They took Annabelle and hid her away as a commoner's abandoned child in an orphanage. There the demon did not find her and was eventually slayed by the brave warriors of the kingdom. She grew up as a common villager, but was constantly mistreated by her caregivers. Despite all this Annabelle was always the type of girl who loved helping people. No matter how badly she has been hurt, or mistreated, there was still kindness in her heart. Growing up in the orphanage she would always help out the younger kids and come to their aid whenever they were hurt or needed her help in any way. One by one all the children began getting adopted, but poor Annabelle had become too old to be adopted anymore. She spent years of her life being used as a house keeper until she was finally considered an adult and left to pursue her own dreams. Not longer after that she dedicated her life to heal wounded warriors/soldiers. She loved being kind to others and aiding them in their time of need, but she soon found out it would not be enough. In order to truly be of assistance to everyone around her she would also have to become a Warrior. She was healing a young man who had been stabbed in a sword fight one day, (she had grown quite fond of him as their conversations flowed back and forth) then he leaned in and whispered in her ear "I would of been dead if it wasn't for your help, thank you Annabelle." before he gently drifted to sleep. The next morning Annabelle came to check on him but he had slipped way, he left a note thanking her for her help, it read "Thank you fair maiden, for taking care of me in my time of need, many men don't even make it far enough to get medical aid, I'm glad I was helped by someone as kindhearted as you. Now I get to do my real duty and help my kingdom prosper. We could use more people like you on our battlefield." She realized then all the men who had died in battle that she didn't have the chance to help. From that day forth she dedicated herself to learn the craft of sword fighting and defending her people in every which way she can. Annabelle now heals and fights for her kingdom.
   Personality: Shy, down to earth, courageous and trustworthy, loving.
   Likes:Helping others in every possible way, chocolate, Swords, and Healing.
   Dislikes: Rude obnoxious people, braggers, liars, Demons and idiots.
   Mate/spouse/lover: Secret love for wounded warriors. 

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Annabelle Hart Empty Re: Annabelle Hart

Post by Aero Xross on Tue Jun 02, 2015 12:38 am

Approved however You started Roleplaying without an approved character Sad. its ok though you're approved now

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