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Annabelle's Past WIP

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Annabelle's Past WIP Empty Annabelle's Past WIP

Post by Annabelle on Wed Jun 17, 2015 8:56 pm

When Annabelle was very young she lived in an orphanage. The orphanage was run by an older woman named Silvia, whose heart was cold as a mountain top. When Annabelle first arrived at the orphanage she was merely a few months old, much too young to be of any use. Silvia wasn't very fond of Annabelle, since she couldn't work for her given her young age. At first she refused to take Annabelle but the Kings Knights, who had brought her to the orphanae in the first place, said it was a direct order from the king himself. Silvia, pieced the information together and figured Annabelle must be related to the Kings in some way, never did she imagine she herself would be his daughter. Still she would not allow Annabelle to feel any sort of freedom or happiess. She would keep her hidden in the back closet whenever people came by seeking to adopt children. Envious of her, she hid Annabelle away until she was too old to be wanted by any families anymore, then made her a personal slave.

For years Annabelle worked herself to the bone, cooking and cleaning for Silvia, without so much as a thank you. But Annabelle did not mind, knowing she was making herself a better person. One day one of the younger boys in the orphanage came down with a terrible sickness. Everyone said he might not make it. The little boy clung for life every passing day and Annabelle could not sit by and watch. One afternoon while Silvia was taking her evening nap, Annabelle snuck out into the Kingdom's market place. She looked around for anything that could help the little boy recover.  After searching and searching,  tirelessly, Annabelle finally found an herb stand, claiming to have the finest quality herbs in the kingdom. She glossed over the stand and asked if there was anything to cure grave illnesses.  The vendor, a young man no more than 30 years of age, looked over at young innocent Annabelle and said,

"Young lady you have come to the right place. These herbs right here will cure anything you've got and a little more just in case. They carry with them mystical magic, you can't find anything quite like it. But these herbs aren't free you hear?  They come with a price, and you seem too poor to even afford rice. But I'll cut you in on a little deal, I'll even throw in a potion book, and yes it's real. Go into the forrest and find the herbs I'm lacking, here's a list, now start packing. The list is color coded and has a map, but be careful with getting lost, you might not come back."

 So Annabelle accepted her quest and ventured on to where the map told her. She found the herbs quite easily to her surprise, but as night time grew nearer, the forrest became a terrifying place for young Annabelle. Little noises made her heart race, and an uneasy sensation took over her. When she finally found the last herb on the list she decided to get out of there as soon as possible.  She was headed back to the kingdom when the smell of decay hit her nose, causing her to gag in disgust. Suddenly a Skeleton Militia popped out of one of the bushes, frightening poor Annabelle and she fell backwards trying to escape. So sure she was a goner, Annabelle closed her eyes ready to accept her fate, but then, a brave warrior came to her rescue. He stepped in front of Annabelle and sliced the ugly thing's arm clean off. It shrieked in pain and kept trying to attack but the warrior continued to deliver blows like it was nothing.  Finally the Militia fell to the ground defeated, and the Warrior turned to face Annabelle.

"Are you okay little girl?" He asked sweetly while offering her his hand to help her up. Annabelle blushed and gripped his hand. He helped her up slowly, making sure she was okay.

"I'm fine" Annabelle said, but he still  looked at her worried.

"What's a little girl like you doing here all alone?"

"Well..." Annabelle started. " I'm helping the man at the herb stand find the herbs he's missing so that I could get the herbs I need for my potion, to help the little boy back in the orphaorphanage get over his sickness"

The warrior was heartbroken when hearing this. He pittyed the little orphan girl, trying to help out her friend.

"Do you need help getting back to the kingdom?" He asked "I could take you there."

Annabelle nodded and started to follow him back to the market, but just as they were leaving the Skeleton Militia stood up from the ground and bit the warrior right on the shoulder. He shouted out in pain and quicky swung his sword, slicing the damn things head off. Annabelle screamed, and cried at this sight but the Warrior assured her everything was okay, and they walked to the market. When arriving Annabelle handed the vendor his missing herbs and asked for the ones she needed, but he said,

"These are the herbs I needed you see, but you still have to pay, it's money I need. You have been fooled my darling,  its called a scam, too bad you weren't smart enought to have another plan."

 Annabelle was heartbroken.  She really thought he'd keep his word. Now she'd have to go back to the orphanage without a cure for the little boys illness. The warrior, who had overheard his shenanigan, ran up to the vendor, still in pain from the bite.

"Hey, you give this girl the herbs she needs! She did everything you asked of her and came back victorious despite the danger you put her in!" He drew his sword and pointed it straight at the vendors face. "Give her what she desires or this will be the last scam you pull!"

The vendor, terrified responded,

 "Of course,  I'll give her the herbs, it was just a joke, no need to see you be provoked!  I'll give her the herbs and book of course, no need to frighten me like a horse."

He then pulled it out as promised and the Warrior put away his sword.  He snatched the book and herbs from him giving him a sour look, and gave them to Annabelle, then she and him walked away together.

"This what you needed?" He asked.

"Yes, thank you so much!" Annabelle exclaimed.  "Oh but you're still hurt'! Here let me help you."

Then Annabelle,  following the books instructions, brewed a healing potion and healed the warrior back to health. She felt a small tingling sensation in doing so, it made her happy healing him. He helped her in her time of need and she helped him in return. All was balanced. The warrior thanked her deeply and then they parted aways, never to see each other again. Annabelle ran back to the orphanage and brewed her second potion. She gave it to the sick little boy and within days he was all well again, with no trace of ever having an illness, and that's when Annabelle knew what she wanted to do for the rest of her life.

Not long after Annabelle dedicated herself to learning how to brew every type of potion. Whenever she had free time she'd study the book, keeping it hidden from Silvia, and made practice potions in her room. Needless to say no one in the orphanage ever got sick again, and when Annabelle was of age, she left the forsaken place and became an alchemist nurse, in a local hospital.  Happy for a while until she discovered her true passion...but that's, another stoy.

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