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Annabelle's Armor

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Annabelle's Armor  Empty Annabelle's Armor

Post by Annabelle on Wed Jun 03, 2015 4:09 pm

Image: Annabelle's Armor  Bandoleer_201_original
Name: Herbalist Belt
Ability/Effect: Annabelle can craft special potions from ingredients found in the Market, or in nature and keep up to five potions in her satchel that help her and others in battle. The five potions include healing potions, health potions, energy potions, etc, and for her enemies, poison.
Weight Type: Light

Annabelle has access to her "Herbalist Belt"  which can contain 5 potions of her choosing per topic. She can have the following types of potions in her belt:

Healing Potion: Green in color, when the healing potion is consumed it heals the common cold, small cuts, bruises, or wounds.

Energy Potion: Blue in color, when energy potion is consumed it restores energy if the consumer is exhausted, or fatigued. 

Health Potion: Bright green in color, similar to healing potion, the heath potion heals graver illnesses, and larger wounds. 

Temperature Potion: Yellow in color, when temperature potion is consumed it raises the consumers body temperature causing them to not feel cold in freezing temperatures. This does not stop any effects the cold might have on the consumers body.

Sleeping Potion: Midnight blue in color, a few sips from this potion and it will knock the consumer out cold for 10 posts.

Fire Potion: Reddish-Orangish in color, the Fire potion is extremely flammable. When poured into a small flame it will cause fire to abruptly grow in size.

Poison: Red in color, drinking the poison will kill you in 10 posts.

Antidote: Violet in color, drinking the antidote will reverse the poison's effect. Activation is immediate.

Love Potion: Pink in color, drinking the love potion will cause consumer to become infatuated with the next person to post after them.  Its effect lasts for 20 posts.

Gender Potion: A throwable potion. 5 ft radius. Purple in color, making contact in any way the gender potion will switch person's gender for 10 posts. Their physical appearance will change according to gender. Their voices will also change accordingly.  Men turned into women will obtain female qualities like longer hair, nails, and lashes. They will also obtain other female quality such as narrow hips, breasts, female lips etc. Women turned into men will have shorter hair, lashes, and nails. They will gain male qualitys such as stronger looking arms, chests, abdominals, legs, sharper jaw lines, etc. (This potion turns transgenders into squirrels)

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Annabelle's Armor  Empty Re: Annabelle's Armor

Post by Kurei Natsumori on Sun Jun 07, 2015 11:45 am

Kurei Natsumori
Kurei Natsumori

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