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Lord of Vampires, Sanguine

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Lord of Vampires, Sanguine Empty Lord of Vampires, Sanguine

Post by Aerin Vae on Sun Jul 23, 2017 3:12 pm

Lord of Vampires, Sanguine Vampire_by_gongcheng-d7zzgvk
Name: Sanguine, Lord of the Vampires
Talisman: A winged fang or a set of two dots on the neck.
Alignment: Chaotic-Hatred for the other deities
History: Sanguine was the first of his kind, created by the flames and hidden away in the Starfall Cove. He was shunned as a child. Made fun of for having fangs and being 'different'. However, he understood why this happened, even at such a young age. After a while, other things became noticible. For one - he had amazing senses. He could see in the dark, smell like a wolf, run like a lion, and more. The other kids grew scared, but once they realised that he couldn't lay a finger on them, things continued the way they had. After a few years, he discovered that he had the ability to transform into a bat. However, he hid this from everyone, and practiced in his own time. His bad treatment continued and eventually, he became tired of the abuse, and left his home to explore the rest of the Shadow Islands. It was there that he heard the name 'Ryner'. A deity engrossed by thieves and the common brigands. He prayed to the deity to make the people that had once bullied him disappear, as he had heard that those who had something to offer to the deity often had their wishes answered. However, the deity ignored his pleas.

Sanguine couldn't figure it out. Where did he belong? What was his reason for existence? He knew not why the deities had created him - nor that he was one himself. Slowly, and surely, he began to hate himself. Even edging to something unspeakable.... and it was in his darkest moment, at a few hundred years old, that a young woman entranced him. She had beautiful pale skin and deep brown eyes, with ash-brown hair and a smile that made him grin. He introduced himself to her, and they fell in love.

After years in their relationship, he told her of his childhood, his fangs, and his failed plea to the Gods. She didn't care. And afterwards he grew more in love with this woman. Together, they made a beautiful child. One that had deep red eyes and soft skin. They became a family. It was then, that tragedy struck. During the night, as their baby was asleep, an assailant came to their home, and murdered his wife in her sleep. Sanguine woke up instantly, and as they were about to kill his child, he burst. His aggression and rage, and of course, the death of his wife - all clicked at once, and he transformed into a horrific demon. He lashed out at the being, and a shockwave burst from the impact point. The being tried to attack back, but Sanguine was too ferocious. He dodged his attacks and walloped the assailant with a punch hard enough to capsize a large boat. The thing flew to the floor, unveiling a silver snake pendant. With a flash, the thing disappeared, leaving Sanguine with a dead wife and crying baby.

Years later, Sanguine had uncovered that the assailant was in fact Ryner himself, and he was out to destroy everything Sanguine loved, including his past family. Sanguine swore revenge against the deity, and upon doing so, discovered that he - himself - was one. Knowing this filled him with strength AND anger, for it meant that his followers would truly know how monstrous the other deities must be.

He gave his followers the ability to speak to him through blood - either their own or that of someone/something else, and he grew more powerful with every drop - even rewarding some with his personal favour.

Sanguine's child one day grew to be the second vampire to ever exist, and all vampires are related to them.

Temple Location: Temple of Blood

500 - Vampire's Sight: As Lord of the Vampires, Sanguine allows people to see as if they WERE a vampire, granting them night vision, a weak ability to see through walls, and the ability to sense living prey. Lasts 3 posts. Cooldown = 4 posts.
1250 - Darkness: Become invisible for a short period of 3 posts. Noises made while invisible cannot be heard by ANYONE (Including those invisible too). Attacking cancels the invisibility. Lasts for 2 posts. Cooldown = 4 posts
2500 - Vampire's Kiss: Instantly paralyze anyone by touching them. This effect lasts for 3 posts and the paralyze-ee cannot make any actions during this time. Cooldown = 6 posts
5000 - Sanguine's Rose: Roll a dice and depending on the result, summon one of the following. 1 or 4: Summon a vampire mage to do your bidding. They cast blood magic, and overusing that can damage to original caster of the Rose. Dies if attacked once or if the duration is reached. 2 or 5: Summon a vampire warrior in full armour wielding a sword. Does your bidding until death after being hit twice or after the duration is reached. 3: Summon a vampire fledgling. Does your bidding in things like holding items, getting objects or items for you, etc. Can also go invisible indefinitely. Wields a very weak dagger, better used outside of combat. Dies if attacked once and drops whatever he was given when he does. Also dies when the duration is reached. 6: Temporarily summons the shadow of Sanguine, who blinds all nearby beings with his image. He also attacks viciously anyone who would dare harm one of his followers. Cannot be harmed or touched. Dice rolls 1 through 5 last for 5 posts. Dice roll 6 lasts for 2 posts. Cooldown = 11 Posts
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