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Pir, The Blood of The Vampire's

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Pir, The Blood of The Vampire's

Post by Pir on Mon Sep 05, 2016 7:46 pm

Name: Pir, The Blood of The Vampire's
Age: Unknown, as old as vampires.
Origin/Home: Shadow Lands, Starfall Cove.
Gender: Male
Deity: Sanguine (No deity's in their menu)
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Race: Vampire
Background/History: Pir has been around for a long time. He served as the first Vampire Emperor's court-wizard. He was trained in the art of blood, in hope that he would help the vampire's by bringing down the Blood moon, allowing vampires to leave their home in Starfall Cove. However, he could not perform the spell correctly, so he was given down to the kings heir, and trained, then his heir, and so on. Eventually, he learned the spell, but he was bitter for what he had to go through to get it. Many painful blood transfusions, experiments on his body limitations and so on. After he learned the spell, he ran fromThe Vampire Castle, leaving nothing behind. However, in his arrogance, he forgot that humans do not normally appear in Starfall Cove, and that he would need to train himself to get  look in different ways, which is where his 'Vampiric Drain' spell came from. Eventually, after years of exploring, he came across a blood scroll, to which he had to sacrifice his own to open. Upon opening, he was shown an incredibly powerful spell, known As 'The Blood of Sanguine'. It was more advanced than anything he had ever seen. He trained himself to do the spell after 2 decades, and upon doing so, reached his full potential, in which he gained the power of an ancient God. Years later, as Pir was ready to die, he heard strange rumour. That the Twilight Moon had fallen upon Zero, and that the time for vampires to be freed came upon them. He was ready to support his brother's.
Personality: Pir is an intelligent being, who cares a lot for his race, and as such, will do everything to protect them. He is relatively carefree and has a slightly gravelly voice. He is nice, but comes across as weird due to his obsession of blood.
Likes: Vampires, humans, Zero, knowledge, learning and demons.
Dislikes: Fairies, pain, weakness, age and sadness.
Mate/spouse/lover: None


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