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Pir, the Blood of the Vampire's Powers

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Pir, the Blood of the Vampire's Powers

Post by Aerin Vae on Thu Jul 20, 2017 8:24 am

Blood Moon:
Name: Rise of Blood
Type: Dark
Effect: Summons the Blood Moon once per topic. Any Vampire around when this is active will gain a severe strenght and agility increase. If used while you have fed in the last two posts, lasts one post longer. This also allows the use of the vampire's 'Bat' power whenever they see fit.
Duration: 4 posts
Cool-down: Once Per Topic

Blood Drop:
Name: Bloodlust
Type: Physical
Effect 1: (If hasn't fed yet at least once) The selected Vampire grows hungry and gains a massive craving for blood. This causes their blood to pump faster and their speed to increase a small bit, and their strenght also increases by 2.  However, their endurance drops to 0. If they feed during Bloodlust, the increased effects dissipate.
Effect 2: (If has fed at least once so far in the topic) Channels all blood drank so far in the topic into pure power, maximizing strength. However, during this time, the vampire's arrogance leads to all out attack, fully decreasing endurance. When this is used, the vampire loses the previous blood taken, having to feed again.
Duration: 3 Posts
Cool-down: 3 Posts

Vampiric Drain in Hand:
Name: Vampiric Drain
Type: Dark
Effect: Absorbs health from targets, and shot in a stream (or beam). Serves as a weak enough auto-attack, and if used for 3 posts continuously, counts as feeding on that creature.
Duration: 3 posts
Cool-down: None

Vascular Repair:

Name: Vascular Repair
Type: Dark
Effect: The Vampire gives his healing blood to the target, healing them of their wounds. However, this does take it's toll on the vampire, as he sacrifices his blood for them. If he hasn't fed yet, he can only heal minor wounds, such as cuts, bruises and burst capillaries. If he HAS fed, it will heal all wounds, but then the vampird loses his drank blood, and must feed again.
Duration: 1 post
Cool-down: 3 posts

Name: Vampire Frenzy
Type: Physical
Effect: The Vampire becomes viscous, gaining higher speed and agility, but losing some attack. This frenzy allows for quick successive attacks on different targets, wearing them down.
Duration: 2 posts
Cool-down: 3 posts

Name: The Blood of Sanguine
Type: Dark
Effect: The vampire becomes a being made of pure blood, using ancient magic of the old and forgotten God Sanguine. His power increases and he cannot be harmed. He also heals fully and gives all nearby vampires a small health buff. Also turns and nearby humans into vampires temporarily, giving them small buffs to health and speed, as well as the ability to grow small bat wings, which allows them to jump higher and glide to a certain extent. When the duration is reached, humans will return to normal and all vampires will have their blood needs satisfied.
Duration: 3 Posts
Cool-down: Once Per Topic
Aerin Vae
Aerin Vae

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Re: Pir, the Blood of the Vampire's Powers

Post by Amaterasu on Fri Jul 21, 2017 10:56 pm

by Amatersu

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