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Understanding Morgruff

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Understanding Morgruff Empty Understanding Morgruff

Post by Morgruff on Tue Jul 21, 2015 5:02 pm

(I'm gonna make this somewhat short so you don't have to use up time reading.)

Morgruff was human for most of her life, a fighter, too.
She had been sent out on a "quest", and the objective was to get rid of, or kill, a mage that had been killing others shamelessly simply for fun.
She set off on her journey riding her horse, a thoroughbred with high genetic potential. She had to travel a few days to track down the mage, and once she got there, she was without her horse. She was without any backup. She confronted the mage, but got no reply. Morgruff was instantly shot at with spells. After she was weakened, she tried to retreat to at least return with a report of the mage's whereabouts.
While she was trying to escape, the mage cursed her, permanently.
She was turned into an odd creature that had 3 sets of legs, three hearts, 12 eyes, and 4 wings. After a while she got a hang of that body, but she knew she couldn't return like she was. She tried to find a cure, and lived like that for years. She eventually found a witch doctor who gave her a cure. Kinda. The "cure" made her look like a wingless dragon. She was smaller, the only thing she didn't like is her teeth. She can still do human things, she just can't wear clothes. Her race is unknown, some consider it a hybrid, some consider her just a cursed human, and most consider her a demon.
After she took the cure, she headed back home, at least tried to remember the way. When she eventually made it back, she grew a deep hatred for most people. She stopped helping and began doing what she loved. She drew and wrote books. She learned how to draw and write with her paws, she was lucky the cure left her with thumbs. She always carries around a satchels with some inks, quills, and books. Her home is located in the Forgotten Forest. It's a huge tree that's been hollowed out. It's like a library. She hunts for the leather and she processes parts of trees for paper. She makes her own threads from horse hair. She makes candles with excess fat from her foods, turtle shells, and a few threads braided together for a wick. If she's not travelling, she's at home. She cooks by making a campfire and game she hunts. She does everything herself and refuses everyone's help most of the time. Since she's not used to being around people, she like to watch them, but she's skittish when someones around her. If she truly doesn't like someone, she won't hesitate to be rude or sarcastic. She doesn't care for other's opinions or ideas. She likes to be on her own and hates working with other people.
(Basically, Morgruff's an independent black woman that dont need no man.)

(Just kidding.)

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