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Connor Pierce

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Connor Pierce Empty Connor Pierce

Post by Rubixcube on Sat Jul 18, 2015 6:13 pm

Connor Pierce 81487fe67b1d13b7e629e1e69c332006_large
   Name: Connor Pierce
   Age: 22
   Origin/Home: Bellton, a farming town
   Gender: Male
   Deity: None
   Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
   Race: Human

   Background/History: Born into a family of farmers, Connor was no stranger to hardship as a child, doing his best to help his family simply make ends meet. His life was hard, but not an unhappy one, as he moved through the simple motions of day-to-day life as an average person. This life could not last, however, as eventually a plague rolled through the town, and all those who were ill were quarantined, Connor's parents included. By luck or providence, Connor somehow managed to avoid the illness, but anyone sick with the plague was alienated, their relatives included, as people sought to prevent the illness from spreading. Connor did everything in his power to help his parents, from praying, to working his fingers to the bone to afford money for medicine.

The town's doctors could not contain it, and eventually they sought help from outside, beseeching anyone and everyone who was willing and able to come and help contain the plague. News soon fell upon the ears of an aging hermit, old and wise once a traveller, warrior, and even a magician of some renown. He came down from his house in the woods to offer his aid, hoping to do one last good deed before he planned on dying peacefully in his bed. Among the very first he helped to treat were Connor's parents, though they would unfortunately still perish, the old man's wisdom and magic would help to save many other lives.

Taking pity on Connor, the hermit would take the still young boy to be raised by him. When Connor professed interest in learning magic under the man, the hermit was somewhat surprised, but went on to tutor him nonetheless. When it was found that Connor was almost utterly incapable of magic, lacking any talent in the subject, the hermit turned to teaching him medicine and alchemy, looking to the world around them to produce the same effects, though admittedly over a longer period of time. The hermit was a strict, but fair, teacher, providing Connor all the materials he would need, from all the vials and tools he would need, to his mask designed to filter out poisons and toxins, to his clothing and gloves, all proofed against water, fire, and acids, even going so far as to design a way to gather ambient magic in the air and collect it into 'mana catchers', allowing him to use some limited form of spell casting.

When the old hermit began to die, not from age, but from the same plague that took his parents, Connor put everything he'd learned to the test, dedicating an entire month to keep the man alive, barely sleeping and eating in between treatments, but in the end the man would pass in his sleep, at the very least being able to go peacefully. Connor fell into depression shortly afterwards, wallowing in guilt and self-pity, before focusing all of that into a dedication to further his knowledge so that he would be able to prevent such a thing from happening again. He'd spend almost another year in that cabin in the woods, studying every tome and book available in there before he'd finally learned everything he could. With that finally done, he turned to leave, vowing to only return back home when he had finally believed that he'd done all that he could to help those in need.

   Personality: Nervous and flighty, Connor is not someone very good with social graces, and he almost seems as if he doesn't fit in his own body sometimes. Being raised largely in isolation means he much prefers solitary isolation or a small group of friends, compared to large crowds and the general hubbub of a city. Rather prone to stuttering and trailing on for much longer than necessary, Connor prefers to simply not speak at all, talking through simple gestures when possible, and while the mask he wears may seem almost choking to others, he likes the anonymity if confers to him, the thing almost having a calming effect on him when he wears it.

When it comes to his work, however, Connor turns into almost a completely different person. He speaks in short, curt, sentences, his entire mind focused on the patient before him. Rather than the shaky and awkward movements, he moves with precision, with almost no unneeded energy spent as he only ever does what is necessary to get the job done, as he mumbles his quiet prognosis of his patient under his breath. And, of course, the moment he's done, he returns back to the awkward and bumbling idiot he always was.

Connor also holds a slight disdain for the gods, and many people could call him irreverent. While not denying their existence, but simply believing that they should not be worshiped as much as they are now. He believes them to be selfish and wrapped up in their own egos, unwilling to see past the idolization they receive to help those who are truly in need. Connor's main goal is to not only help those the gods will not, but spread his knowledge and studies, so that people as a whole will be able to help themselves without relying on the gods.

Quiet contemplation
Learning something new
Helping someone in need

Large crowds
Feeling helpless
Leaving someone behind

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Connor Pierce Empty Re: Connor Pierce

Post by Annabelle on Sun Jul 19, 2015 11:48 pm


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