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Rules of Magic

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Rules of Magic

Post by Kurei Natsumori on Wed May 27, 2015 9:01 pm

Rules & Guidelines of Magic within the Realm of Zero
Magic in the Realm of Zero is meant to reflect your desires, your accomplishments, what suits the person best. The people who utilize this inner energy are able to accomplish unfathomable feats, such as the 5 deities had done. This energy is the source of life within all the residents of the Land of Zero. Several Individuals have learned how to control this inner strength, and manifest it into something feasible. Those individuals have the power to manipulate and transmute their "inner power" into powerful attacks or preform herculean feats.

Forbidden Powers (( Excludes Monsters or Npc's ))

  • No Teleporting/Instant Speed Powers
  • No multipliers of powers, and no stacking powers for same stat
  • All Characters have access to TWO out of the Power Types listed Below
  • Starting Characters are allowed between 5 Powers or Equipment.
  • No FTK or First turn kill powers! 
  • No Void Magic
  • Poison effects are rarely accepted, and require a antidote !
  • No Activating a ability inside a person/player/monster
  • Absolute Mind Control
  • Creation of Black Holes
  • Time Manipulation
  • Reality Manipulation
  • Indestructible weapons or unstoppable magic
  • Poison

Powers that are Frowned Upon

  • Gravity Control
  • Magic Nullification/Absorb
  • Power or Magic Sensing abilities (Sensory)
  • Soul Stealing

There are 6 known Elements in the Realm as of Today

Fire - The ability to shape, create and manipulate the essence of Flame. The fires flame has one of the most offensive capabilities to incinerate, ignite, or combustion.

  • Weak against Water
  • Strong against Water (Ice)
  • Compatible with Earth and Wind

Water - The ability create, shape and crystallize water. This type of magic is very versatile in Defense and Offense. Being able to freeze , boil, or send tidal waves in seconds.

  • Weak against Fire (Thunder/Lightning) & Earth (Wood)
  • Strong against Earth
  • Compatible with Earth and Wind

Earth - The power to manipulate earth, including sand, stone, rock, lava, dirt, glass, metal. This powers has a large variety of advantages from different sources. Alongside ground sensory, and weapon manipulation

  • Weak against Water
  • Strong against Wind
  • Compatible with Fire and Wind

Wind - The manipulation of Air, it flows around us at all times, as it grants the powers of flight, group levitation. Form of Telekinesis, enough wind being able to manipulate others powers if they're strong enough.

  • Weak against Earth
  • Strong against Fire
  • Compatible with Fire and Water

Light - The power to produce light to Heal, support and deliver righteousness.
The power of light to change illumination, provide protection and vanquish evil.

  • Compatible with Earth, Wind, Fire, Water
  • Equal to Dark
  • Strong against Undead

Dark - The power to manipulate Shadows and delve into the dark. The power of poison and deathly strength to vanquish everyone. Usually at a high cost for strong power.

  • Compatible with Earth, Wind, Fire, Water
  • Equal to Light
  • Strong against the Angels

Will Power - Not a element but the power of inner will pushed to its deepest limits, unable to manifest a element and push through with persistence, skill, and determination. Will power ensures physical Augmentations to increase Strength, Speed, and Accuracy. This power can push people beyond their physical limits.

  • Cannot be combined with anything (otherwise it wouldn't be Willpower any more, just elemental attack)

Last edited by Kurei Natsumori on Sat Aug 29, 2015 2:29 pm; edited 9 times in total (Reason for editing : Added elements weakness)
Kurei Natsumori

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Re: Rules of Magic

Post by Kurei Natsumori on Sat Aug 01, 2015 8:51 am

Fusion Powers
Only accessible to level 2+

For Fusion Powers, you are to select any of the elements above that are compatible with each other in order to combine them. Only an experienced Adventurer such as yourselves are capable of doing them. By doing so, Fusion Powers share longer cooldown than most spells, but do 3x the damage of using the combination that two spells would do. It's twice the firepower for a higher change on a gamble of possibly missing. *Template Below*

Combined spells can only be used by elements that you control which is why you can only earn a fusion power at level 2 when you get your second element.

[b]Fusion Power Type:[/b][size=12][/size]
[b]Weaknesses:[/b] [size=12][/size]

In Example for my character Kurei Natsumori: 

Name: Scorching Sun
Level: 2
Fusion Power Type: Fire & Light
Effect: Shoots down a beam of light down towards the enemy from the sky. When the enemy gets struck they begin to feel weary from the heat and lose 5 posts off their endurance.
Weaknesses: Doesn't work if i'm indoors or if there's no Sun
Duration: Instant
Cool-down: 10 my posts.
Kurei Natsumori

Posts : 524
Join date : 2013-08-13
Age : 20
Location : Miami, FL

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