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Website Rules *Read before Posting*

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Website Rules *Read before Posting*

Post by Kurei Natsumori on Sun May 24, 2015 5:21 pm

1)  Please respect all players and especially staff members within the current forum.
-If you have an issue, send a picture of the issue and as much info on the situation that you can to a Staff member to resolve the conflict, or submit it at the Help Desk.

2)No dirty/sexual content:  Romantic situations are always been welcome however they need to remain withing public display bounds.
- No PDA = Public Display of Affection on Chatbox as it makes most users uncomfortable.

3) No God-modding: This one should be pretty easy. God-moding is when a character is able to do whatever they want, whenever they want with little or no consequences.
-Actions must be supplied with a detailed information to support said action or movement.

4) No Bunny-Modding: This means taking over another players character. Usually this kind of thing happens innocently enough but ends in major fights over what actually is happening. "*Player 1 attacks Player 2 with a vicious slash to his face and Player 2 drops to his knees in pain*" This is bunny-moding. Instead of allowing Player 2 to react to the attack, Player 1 assumed it him and told him how he was going to react. This is not acceptable RP. Never assume you know what the other character will do. (Sometimes, someone gives you explicit permission to run their character while away. This is the only time bunny-moding is acceptable.) - No credit for writing this ruling, -FF RP by OhNoDomo!

5)No Meta-gaming: At least, try not to. There are times when Meta-Gaming is acceptable, especially if you know your character is in a life or death situation. Simply be certain to make the movements "realistic". You can easy say your character trips and falls at just the right time, landing on their face and making a fool of themselves as a way to avoid a sniper shot. You cannot say your character suddenly and inexplicably realizes that they've been shot at and moves out of the way intentionally. - No credit for writing this ruling, -FF RP by OhNoDomo!

6) No Double Posting:  Do not post for a second time in a row on your thread. Use the edit button to make any changes. Do not post ahead of time of your other Roleplayer(s) unless you know they are going to be gone for a long time. (1hr) and grant permission for you to carry on. If no response occurs in a 48hour period, thread will be locked or closed by consent of the participants of the AFK member(s)

7)  Out of Character Guideline : Other wise known as "OOC" will result by being CLEARLY visible, with Double Parenthesis  ((Example here )).
This is used to ask certain questions or note something unique in the description.

8 ) You must create a character before participation in any RP.
I don't understand how anyone would participate otherwise.

9)Half decent grammar is necessary, no texting talk (lol, btw, ftw, etc).
This may be exempt in use of the chatbox, but not recommended.

10) No spamming : Spamming is to send the same message indiscriminately to (large numbers of recipients) on the Internet. There may be some accidental proceedings which may be excused.
If post occurs 3x or more, assume it is Spam.

11) No one-line killers!: No replies can be shorter than a paragraph of at least 4-5 sentences or longer, which is preferred. A decently written post.
The more detail you write, the better !

12) No Roleplaying affects the chatbox: Nothing you say or do in the chatbox is cannon!Meaning none of it may apply towards the posts in the forums.

13) Topics Labeled "Closed" or "Private" are specifically are a invited group of people for them to roleplay. If a Topic does not have a label such as those, it's considered a Open Topic that anyone may join.

Rulings on Punishments or Roleplayers disregarding rules.
Warning < Chatbox Ban < Promoted to Anoobis (Indefinite amount of days) < 2-Day Site Ban <PermaBan,

They may not be banned in this order of punishment. Depending on the crime, it may jump up to either of these options above.

*Anoobis, can see information, cannot post or join CB.
*PermaBan includes all of that persons email and IP address.

All criminal records shall be posted on your Character Profile Sheet, to keep further record to your account.

Roleplay Etiquette:

1) It's often polite to ask someone to join the topic before simply "appearing" into one.

2) Don’t try to be the center of attention all the time. Be polite and share attention with other characters.

3)Never include someone else’s character in a written story that didn’t actually happen exactly as you wrote it without letting that character’s player proofread and approve the story before you post it.

4) Accept a loss when you know you have been bested in combat or a game.

5)Be Clear on the Roleplay’s Setting
When you start a thread, certain things are important. Where is the thread set? What time of day is it? What’s going on? It’s important to describe the scenery for the other player. It may be confusing if you set the thread at night, and the other player replies as if it is day.
When you start a thread, certain things are important. Where is the thread set? What time of day is it? What’s going on? It’s important to describe the scenery for the other player. It may be confusing if you set the thread at night, and the other player replies as if it is day.

6) Roleplaying Order, just follow a simple post order from how you all joined the topic.
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