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Hoping I did this right, It's Liarra Sien.

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Hoping I did this right, It's Liarra Sien. Empty Hoping I did this right, It's Liarra Sien.

Post by Crumbli on Thu Sep 10, 2015 8:59 am

Hoping I did this right, It's Liarra Sien. Snow_elf_by_thelizangel-d332rua
   Name: Liarra 'Blue lips' Sien
   Age: Twenty nine years of age.
   Origin/Home: Northern hills, nomadic group.
   Gender: Female.
   Deity: The holy mother, Terra.
   Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual to Bi-curious.
   Race: Elf
   Background/History (in brief): As many before her born into the nomadic band, she was without a home but not without a future. At the age of three she was considered old enough to be left by the camp fire and tents without supervision. Though the group elder always watched over the young children to make sure no harm came to them. It was, until very recently, common practice for these young children to work together to pitch up their own tent and start their own smaller camp-fires that would be aided by the sexually matured such as adults or teenagers flaunting their kind nature and extreme tolerance of children.
By the age of six she was taken out on her first hunt. She failed to strike any targets but learned a decent amount on that day about hunting ethics and prayer. Age eight, she claimed her first kill. The lake of frozen tears was the site. Along the frozen river bank, she sat in the bushes with frost on her brows. The hare bounced into view and she didn't hesitate to take the shot. She was deeply pleased when she say the arrow's head pierce its skull through the eye socket and pin it to the frozen waters. That night she ate the whole thing and shared none of it. It was her kill and tradition dictates that the first kill always is to go to the hunter/huntress responsible.
Twelve years old and considered by her nomadic tribe as a matured young huntress. This was a sign that she was ready to search for a partner to settle down with but not bare children to. It also meant that she could go and hunt when ever she wanted. No company was needed. Until the age of fifteen, she abused this freedom. She stopped abusing this freedom however when she got into a struggle with a bear. It was a miracle that she managed to escape the situation without a scar, only a few bruises. She always travelled with a partner after that day. She often sought out a young boy around her age who shared her skin tone, hair colour and way of thinking.
Eighteen years after she was born, she was hunting wild fauna and setting rudimentary traps like a professional. Her and her newly wedded husband were rather fond of their lifestyle. The two hunted together, slept together, ate together, they were inseparable. For close to four years the two never lost sights from each other. They did however when a travelling merchant appeared and caused some unnatural chaos. He was on his way back to a human city from a trade with orcs. He claimed their gold was as good as any other's and he saw no enemies when it came to profit. He traded raw goods with the nomads until setting his eyes on the poorly dressed Liarra. He felt bad for her and offered her a dress that had been tailor made for an orc whose size exceeded the dress's. Liarra was more than happy to accept this gift and began wearing it daily. It was her only real clothing option and it looked the most exotic out of her group.
She continued her hunts as usual with her husband until one day, on their ten year anniversary, she sneaked away in the sun's first rays to find something special to eat for that night's meal. She remembers this fateful day. Even to this day, she's unable to escape from it. She'd been waiting for close to an hour or so before spotting something. She drew back the string of her crude bow and breathed out. It was a pheasant which is a fairly decent sized meal and not too common to come across during her travels. She said a silent prayer as always and released the arrow. Its beautiful tail feathers trailed behind its sharpened stone head, forming a small vortex of blue, gold and green. As the arrow flies through the air, her husband stands up a few yards in front of her. He too was after the same animal and had some how managed to get into position without her noticing. The arrow struck him in the back of the head and killed him instantly. His blood trailing down the back of his neck and staining his brown fur coat. Liarra rushed to his side to try and help him but it was too late. She cried for days, unable to move from his side. The tribe elder fed her each and every day during the intense sorrow before informing her the tribe had to advance on. That's when she left them on her own separate way.
She wandered for a year until settling into a town of humans. They didn't seem to like her skin or ears but it was the best she had found. This is where she resides today. Her talents are squandered in a bar where she polishes benches and wipes clean glasses. Her heart never fully healed and her mind replaying her husband's death each spare moment.
   Personality: She's an extremely loyal woman. Though it's hard to obtain this loyalty it's likely to remain there until or beyond death.
She's also a hardy woman who doesn't mind getting her hands dirty to get the job done. If it comes down to doing morally questionable acts, she'll do them so long as it's for the right cause.
She's also savage and deeply in touch with her deity. Her lifestyle before being a barmaid was that of what many would call uncivilized and barbaric. She was used to skinning her animals, working with her hands and doing many hours of manual labour.
   Likes: Hunting, self explanatory. Nights without nightmares, "they're so rare now, even no dream seems better."
   Dislikes: Reading, her lack of education means the characters aren't understood by her. Lying, she may be willing to be dishonest but she doesn't enjoy it in the slightest.
   Mate/spouse/lover: None as of this date, she isn't really looking.

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Hoping I did this right, It's Liarra Sien. Empty Re: Hoping I did this right, It's Liarra Sien.

Post by xXNovaXxFate on Mon Sep 14, 2015 10:38 pm

Accepted sorry about the wait.

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