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Stat Charts: Full Reference.

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Stat Charts: Full Reference.

Post by Kurei Natsumori on Sat Aug 01, 2015 8:52 am

Many of you have been asking from a earlier time what's the point of having Stats if there's nothing to which reference them to. This post will be updated as much as possible to demonstrate the meaning of those numbers, giving true results for yours Strengths. Ironically we're going to be starting with the Strength Stat. It's important to remember that these numbers do not scale linearly. In addition, there's no "limit" to how much strength to gain, when such occasion arises, this table shall be updated ! Ending with Toughness, the only stat that really matters to most of you for Health, or HP.

Strength Stat Table:

Strength - This stat will be aiding your melee physical attacks to preform increased amount of damage whether you're unarmed or with a weapon.
1The strength of a child, capable of lifting small boxes not weighing more than 100 lbs
2The strength of a premature adult. Capable of mundane tasks, up to lifting 500-800 lbs all together
3Human Strength: The norm in terms of strength, displaying a overall weight maximum of lifting 800-1,000 lbs if exerting full force and applying every muscle group combined. Wear armor with minor difficulties, an average Human in real life modern times.
4A demons Strength, more muscular approach to the strength above, capable of 1,250Ib
5The strength of an orc, capable of bending 1inch sheets of metal with some difficulty from man-made blades. Peaking at 2000 lbs if force.  ((not meant to be used in a sudden rush of combat))
6Iron Born Strength: the physical strength to bend bars out of jail. Tear doors off their hinges, carrying a horse for an extended period of time. Peaking at 2400-2800 lbs
7Man of Steel: The strength to bend bars, lift horse drawn carriages with difficulty, smash through concrete with your total focus and some time. Bringing boulders to a halt.  Peaking at 4000 lbs
8Giants Strength, capable of carrying horse drawn carriages, breaking though a concrete wall with some difficulty. Able to stop a 10ft boulder made of stone. 
9Dragon-blood Strength, with this you've reached the strength of a true dragon. Capable of smashing through buildings, flipping 500 lbs targets casually. Peaking out to lifting a 1FL 10x15x building and hurling it 25ft across
10Herculean Strength, if you manage to make it here you'll be known to have incredible amounts of strength, preforming tasks similar to Hercules himself, capable of moving boulders, flipping 1,000 as if were a feather. Peaking out to lifting a 1floor 20x20ft building and chucking it 20ft across.

Speed Stat Chart:
Speed Stat Chart
For the purpose of speed, this does not measure in-combat speed and is used more often for traveling from Point A to Point B. Closing the distance between opponents on a full run without really making turns. There's not many references in terms of speed. So merely numbers for Miles per Hour (mph) will fill this chart
1Walking or at the speed of a child
2Jogging casually the speed of a modern jogger.  5 mph
3The average man runs 8.3 mph, you will too if you have this number. Covering about 100m in 30sec.
4Rushing at the speed of 15 mph, or well a house mouse
5Movement speed at 20 mph, comparative to a squirrel.
625 mph Similar to the speed of a wild boar or a pig.
7Similar to the speed of a bear 30 mph
8The Brown Hare (Rabbit), just below the speed of wildebeest, at 40 mph
9The  Speed of a Wildebeest, peaking at 50 mph
10The speed of a Cheetah, peaking at 60 mph.

Agility Stat Chart:

Agility Stat Chart
Being agile demonstrates how fast you can stop and turn. It'll also showcase your acceleration and how dexterous your character is.Being agile will also be for your hand-eye coordination. Generally Agility and Speed go hand in hand for them to bring out the best result. This stat enhances your ranged physical equipment.
1Clumsy, barely stand up straight and move on about. Your running form is off. ((Drunk))
2You stumble upon occasion but manage to move about rather well. You need to start from walking to jogging then jogging to running and from running to charging! (Tipsy)Average Sword technique.
3The average man, capable of jogging immediately, then running, then sprinting. You're able to use a sword with average technique.
4The not so average man, capable of dealing cards professionally, and cheap magic tricks. 
5Ninja Apprentice: In terms of agility, you're simply just learning the ropes, your techniques are more precise than an average man but you could still use some work. A single backflip. Dealing with cards easily and practicing magic tricks
6Slippery Agility, you're able to change position of your running without having to make a full turn. You can dodge a variety of attacks, or more often than not. Capable of preforming parkour. 
7Contortionist: You're capable of multiple kinds of flips in a variety of directions.  Your form is clearly been practiced. Capable of magic tricks
8Ninja: You're specialized in the utmost precision of aimed attacks. Stealth comes natural to you without even attempting to preform it. When you do, many people have trouble finding you without a tracking ability, though it's not impossible if you give yourself away. Reversing locks placed on you. Able to stop at a full sprint and dodge.
9Stealth Expert, capable of dodging from a few feet away, preforming magic tricks, tail someone without being noticed, similar to a ninja. Your aim with either sword or ranged attacks are clearly polished in form.
10Escape Artist, capable of preforming all of these feats: dodging at point blank range is possible, reversing handcuffs as they're being placed. Preforming any kind of advanced "magic tricks", opening locks, being stealthy, able to preform the fanciest of combat maneuvers.

Endurance Stat Chart:

Endurance stat is your stamina for mental defenses, your will power to keep on fighting and how long you can sustain attacks to continue the fight, and Tenacity later on. If you exceed your fighting limit you'll be exhausted and require a short rest or must get out of combat. So long as you're not fully exhausted, you may cast abilities and powers at your leisure. 
1Weak Mental Defenses,you're completely vulnerable to any type of mind invading attacks. You cannot fight for very long. Unable to cast any powers either. 5  of your own posts
2Mild Mental Defenses, you're still very much vulnerable to mental attacks of beginning quality. You cannot fight for very long and are not able to sustain a fight for longer than 10 of your own posts
3Normal Defenses, you're still otherwise very susceptible to mental attacks but are able to fight for a longer duration of time, 15 of your own posts
4Above average defenses, you're capable of resisting lv1 mental attacks and are able to fight for 20 of your own posts.
5Accustomed mental defenses, capable of resisting Lv 1 mental attacks and can use your tenacity to be able to move through Lv 1 Powers and abilities. You are able to fight for 25 of your own posts.
6Battle Mind mental defenses, capable of resisting Lv 1 mental attacks and can use your tenacity to be able to move through Lv 1 Powers and abilities. You are able to fight for 30 of your own posts.
7Great mental defenses, capable of resisting Lv 2 mental attacks and can use your tenacity to be able to move through Lv 1 Powers and abilities. You are able to fight for 35 of your own posts.
8Veteran mental defenses, capable of resisting Lv 2 mental attacks and can use your tenacity to be able to move through Lv 2 Powers and abilities. You are able to fight for 40 of your own posts.
9Expert mental defenses, capable of resisting Lv 3 mental attacks and can use your tenacity to be able to move through Lv 2 Powers and abilities. You are able to fight for 50 of your own posts.
10Unyielding Tenacity and vigor, capable of resisting Lv 4 mental attacks and can use your tenacity to be able to move through Lv 3 Powers and abilities. You are able to fight for 60 of your own posts.

(HP) Toughnesss Stat Chart:

For Toughness, this will represent your Life Total. Upon reaching zero you are unconscious and may be killed or healed back into consciousness. If you're unsure of how much damage a spell or attack does, please see Damage Calculation Topic  <---Is Clickable, link there !
15 Hit points
210 Hit points
315 Hit points
420 Hit points
525 Hit points
630 Hit points
735 Hit points
840 Hit points
945 Hit points
1050 Hit points
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