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Looking Back ||Work In Progress||

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Looking Back ||Work In Progress|| Empty Looking Back ||Work In Progress||

Post by Seijuuna on Sat Jun 20, 2015 8:08 am

Part I: Birth

It was one stormy midnight in an unknown land. The sky was crying and was giving out its anger. The body of the heavens' above match a mother's emotions. Her sky blue eyes were full of sadness, like the sky, she too, was mourning and crying in agony. Her heart was broken to pieces when she saw her fragile child that she was holding in her arms in safety. She observed her child that was peacefully sleeping. The child looks exactly like her but she wondered on how her eyes will be like or on what her personality will turn out to be. Her pinkish luscious lips formed into a bitter sweet smile. A tear dropped from her pale creamy cheeks down to the baby's cloth that was wrapped around her like a candy. "We have to go. He's coming." A man dressed in a black cloak entered her quarters. Half of his face was covered in a mask whilst his eyes were shadowed by the cloaks' hood, the end of the black cloak was tattered, in a significance from many battles he had been.

The baby's mother's smile dropped as she heard those very words from him. She nodded her head as she kissed the girl's forehead. She wished that this evanescence will last longer but there was no time left and she knew that it would be the best if someone far more stronger than she is will take care of her child. The man neared as the mother gave her child to him as careful as she can. "Make her safe. Please." She begged with her mallifluous voice and eyes that are full of sorrow, he saw it within her eyes and so he nodded then left the room. Leaving the mother, crying from her misery.

The mystery man's horse was running as fast as it could. Trying to get farther from the place and trying to not meet a certain demon that was after the baby's and her mother's life. He wouldn't save this child's life if it weren't for a promise that he and this child's mother made a very long time ago. Hoovesteps can be heard on that midnight, the moon was round and circle. The rain was still pouring down heavily and it still wouldn't stop. The winds were also roaring as if it was against them from running away from the devil. He, the cloaked man, tried his best to cover the baby, that he held in his arm, to cover her from the rain.


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