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Experience (EXP) / Favor Guide

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Experience (EXP) / Favor Guide Empty Experience (EXP) / Favor Guide

Post by Kurei Natsumori on Sun May 31, 2015 5:47 pm

In the Realm of Zero we go by Experience Points or EXP, for a rough estimate of characters powers, skill, and overall strength a character possesses or has the possibility to possess.  The leveling goes from Least to Greatest, 1<2<3<4 ending with level 4 which is the Max level.
All Characters begin at Level 1 and continue down the following table.

Level 1:       0 -      999   Exp  (5 Starting Equipment or Power Slots)

Level 2: 1,000 -   4,999    Exp  (2 Additional  Equipment or Power Slots + 1 Fusion Spell and access to a 2nd element + 2 Stat increase points where you please.)

Level 3: 5,000 -   14,999  Exp  (3 Additional  Equipment or Power Slots + 2 Stat increase points where you please.)

Level 4: 15,000 - 50,000   Exp  (4 Additional  Equipment or Power Slots +2 Fusion Spells and access to a 3rd element+ 2 Stat increase points where you please.)

Each "Level Up" Should be announced at the Town Hall for a Leveling up Ceremony. Where you will receive a reward depending on your Leveling Advancement.
-Note: Your level will not be confirmed until you go and Confirm it with a Admin or Complete your Celebration.

Experience Points are "Awarded" through completing quests, Battling someone Win/Losing between 25-100 exp per battle. Quests given by Admin or Deities are significantly more, ranging from 100 - 250 exp, all depending on length, originality, and actions.
Favor Guide

Favor is a way of Reputation between you and your deity. Deities are Gods, the ones who survived the Old World and brought to you the Realm of today.
The deities seek to have a battle of favor, not hoping to engage directly with each other but with their followers.

Favor Blessings of the deities usually ranges from 500<1000<2500<5000
which are small benefits which will be added to your skill set as an addition!
Before having the power you must attempt to speak to your deity in the Guan Yu Sactuary

The only way to get Favor is by completing tasks from your deities or catching their eye in preforming or serving their beliefs/Rules. Deities Quest Completion may be 100-500 Favor Points. The only ways you "may" be awarded faith is by:

-Preaching your faith
-Defending your faith
-Preforming Deeds for your Deity

You may redeem your points from Admins/ Visiting deities in their Temple. Sometimes the deities themselves with speak to you through other beings, be it Advice or a blessing.
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