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Races in the World

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Races in the World

Post by Kurei Natsumori on Mon May 25, 2015 6:51 pm

Humans: the first of many to begin to cultivate in the Realm of Zero, often the most abundant in globally and for a good reason. Humans are versatile in nearly all areas. Their motivation of Manifest Destiny is what promotes them to do bigger and better things. Humans are resourceful in dire need, and often intelligent. Their future is limitless. (Referenced: Plain old humans, Medieval, Renaissance, Dark Ages times, and Early Industrial Era)
    -Bonus Power or weapon & Access to Guns

Angels: Those who came forth to the realm of Zero from the sky, arriving as foreigners in this new world, from the destruction of their own. The Angels came here for sanctuary and socialize frequently with others in order to increase their own appetite of knowledge and Faith to further strengthen themselves. ( Reference biblical Angels for images so long as they have Wings made of feathers, no horns or talons attached. Only feathers of any color)
    -(Ability) Brilliant Radiance: By concentrating their energy, any Angel can produce a radiant light that blinds anyone around them for 1 post. This is more of a last ditch effort and therefore can only be used once per topic.
    -Flight (2x as can run out of Combat, regular speed in combat)

Elves: Coming from Nature, making peace with the world, in tune with their inner beings and calming the fire in their hearts. Befriending all foes and enemies with their gentle care. With their gentle aspects, they built their towns in Solitude. As exploration began to gain popularity among themselves, they set out to discover the joys of life,  (Referenced by Tall, slender, light weighted, stretched ears)
   -Speak to animals & natural at tracking & Can tame a Pet for Combat (Taming can only be once per topic)

Demons: Shadows in full manifestations, filled with temptation, and tricks. The Demons are on no bodies side as they're scarcely on the side of their own. The Demons began as the complete and sovereign enemy of the Angels but have moved on to taking the entire realm for themselves through any means necessary. (Reference: Look malicious, often a mischievous appearance, preferably complete dark void monsters in a humanoid appearance. Or stoney skin, demonic)
   -(Ability) Delve into the shadows: 1 post long period of being into the shadow realm, phasing through objects and people.To further explain you're simply a ghost or a shade for one round which is one time for everyone's post. (cannot harm/affect physical realm. Once per topic ability)

Fairies: Fairies are an intelligent species, generally human in appearance and have mysterious, magical powers. They range in size from very tiny up to the size of a human child. Fairies often have insect-like wings or butterfly wings, though not all fairies actually possess the ability have them. Fairies tend to be one with nature and share connections with the environment in a similar way that Elves do. Some fairies like to live in groups and might form settlements, while others travel alone. 
  - (Winged fairies only) Flight (2x as can run out of Combat, regular speed in combat)
  - (Non Winged fairies only) Enhanced senses (this allows better eyesight, hearing, taste, touch and smell than other races. They can see at night with ease, hear better than dogs, have a better sense of taste, interpret emotions on touch, and smell better than a bloodhound)

Mermaids: The collective race is called mermaids, but both men and women mermaids exist. Mermaids have always existed since the creation of life, living hidden away within the depths of the vast oceans. They have watched life on land and always had a curious fascination with them, but kept their distance. As time went on, they wanted to interact with those beings on dry land, and so the once half-human half-fish creatures developed the ability to venture out of the water. They can transform their tail into legs and walk out onto land, but their legs revert back to a tail when underwater . While on land, their legs retain the look of scales. They also have small fins on their forearms, and gills on their necks. However, they cannot go more than a couple days without being submerged in some form of water.
  -(Ability) Ocean supremacy: They have the ability to communicate with any creature of the sea, as well as being able to control small volumes of water for 8 posts, using it anyway they see fit.

Vampires: Born into the night, Vampires are mysterious creatures that lurk in the shadows. Though some might look human in appearance, they are anything BUT! They are Strong and Fast, excellent hunters and masters of deceit. Of course Vampires don't come without flaw. They are weak to Light, any exposure to bright light will lower all their stats by -1. Silver is their bane, any contact with anything made out of pure silver will cause extreme discomfort or even pain. Holy Items and Light/Pure Magic weakens Vampires a great deal almost to the point of being incapable of self defense. Luckily Vampires posses the ability to be able to turn into bats in extremely dangerous situations. If a Vampire is shot with a silver bullet the wound could be lethal. Vampires also have a constant need to feed. They need to feed at least once per topic (if they feed on an animal rather than a human they have to feed 2x per topic). 
If a Vampire bites a human they have to ability to turn them into a Vampire as well. Biting doesn't transform unless the human wants to become a vampire. This is done by signing a Contract with their blood agreeing to the transformation. Any Vampires transformed from Human form will keep their human passive but lose the ability to transform anyone else into a Vampire. They will however get a +1 in Strength and Speed.
   -(Ability) Transform: Vampires can transform into a bat to get out of a tricky situation once per topic and can only stay in that form for 3 posts)
   -(Ability) Charm: Vampires, may influence the target of attacks to make their opponent, specifically the one they make eye-contact with, change direction or choose a different target that is nearby the intended target. Vampires can only do this once per person in the topic, and holds a 10 post Cool Down

Stat Chart

Basic Stats for each race, if needed to compare, refer to this. Stat Full Reference Guide


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