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Forgotten and unused histories.

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Forgotten and unused histories. Empty Forgotten and unused histories.

Post by Guest on Thu Jul 24, 2014 12:42 am

Here I will be posting histories I have made that I liked and wished I could have used. This is just so people could have a nice short read.


War story is one of a sad and dark persuasion. AS a child, he was taken from his family by Tabi Industries for a "very important and secret" project. This "project" was an augmentation experiment for a cell of Super Soldiers to put down any insurrections made by opposition. War, along with about 100 other children were the cream of the crop among the children scanned for this project.

War, about age 10 now, has been in the Project, now called Project Sword, for about 5 years. He, and about 9 other candidates, have been given the right to be given code names by their supervisors and split into two teams. War's squad consisted of himself, Ares, Lilith, Lucifer, and their Squad Lead Satan. The were named the Hell squad, while the other was named the Heaven Squad. Each squad was told they were going to train for 5 years and each be a valuable part of Tabi Industries' military might. However what the didn't tell them that they were about to go through Hell and back. At this point they went through a Augmentation Process. This was a painful and mental scaring process. They were given implants, muscles were altered with robotic engineering, bones were strengthen, and they were given AI chips to help boost intelligence. This process lasted months.

War, now around age 15, was nearing the end of his training. At this point only 3 people had survived the Project Sword training. The other two that lived was his love, Lilith, and her brother, Zeus, who was part of Heaven Squad. They each were specially trained to take on a small Battalion with ease. They Project Manager, Dr. Gustav Wiloo, had actually came to meet them personally. He told them that he had one more task left for them to complete before they were finished with their training. This last task, this one simple task, brought sadness to all three of them. "Kill, and be the last one alive. Then and only then will you become the projects one and only Sword." Each were handed their respected gear, and they just stood their, looking at each other. War mustered up the courage to speak. "Must really really do this to be your perfect soldiers? Wouldn't it be better to have all three of us?" He said with a definite sadness and despair in his voice. Dr. Gustav replied, in a uncaring and serious tone "In your line of work, you will meet people who you must get close to. And in the end you will most likely kill them, or worse. We do not need you to be held back by such 'emotions and feelings'." At this point, none of us were standing. We just sat their, staring at each other, wondering what would happen next. In the next few moments, a voice could be heard through are radio implants "If all three of you want to live, your going to have to listen to me."

" I'm going to get yall out of this but you must trust what I say. If you notice, their is a wall of windows in front of the black haired boy. Outside of it is a river, that your going to jump, and fall into that river. My men will be down the river a ways to pick yall up. Now fight for your lives and live." As soon as the transmission ended, Lilith was picked up by Zeus and carried at a fast speed towards the window. War supported them with his signature weapon, Dual-wield Pistols. War fired at the Project Staff and managed to kill the supervisor and grazed the Manager. As they jumped out, they were a good distance in the air. "War," said Lilith "if we don't make it, you were always my first love, and always will be." Zeus, always feeling like a brother to both squads spoke up and said " We are going to make this, we already been through so much." In a few seconds later, they crashed into the water. War was knocked unconscious, and was held onto by Lilith and Zeus. They floated down the river, in hopes to the man's men, but to no avail. When the started to see what happen to be their saviors, they were being killed, killed by the Tobi Industries' soldiers. At this point, Lilith and Zeus knew that they all couldn't survive.

War, regaining his consciousness, noticed that he was still floating and that his friends weren't with him. He then started to hear yelling and shouts of pain, and saw Lilith. He saw her shot multiple times and falling back into the river. He then noticed Zeus, and with a horrific site, saw him loose his head. At this point, War began to black out again. He floated down the river, and floated, and floated.

When he awoke again for the second time, he noticed that he was in a bed. He didn't scream, he didn't cry. "Ah your awake. Your very lucky to be alive, along with your little girlfriend. Though I am sorry that we couldn't say your other friend." The last sentence was filled with sadness and that of a tone wishing for forgiveness. The voice was also a very recognizable one. It was the man who gave them the instructions, and later found out to be a man by the name of Aleski Petrovic, and member of the Terrorists. "I say we saved your one friend, but that wouldn't be a complete truth. She received amnesia, and doesn't remember a thing, not her name, not where she came from, and not you." War, now with a face of sadness spoke, with a tone of determination "I thank you for what you did, but I must go now. I wish I could take care of Lilith, but that won't be possible for where I'm going." Aleski, understanding what War was saying, gave him a couple pair of clothes and the gear he found on his body. With this, War left with a mission, one that nly he could complete.

Three years later, War is now a man feared by Tabi Industries. He had manages to almost completely wipe Project Sword of the face of the world, only one left being the one he hated the most, Dr Gustav Wiloo. War will not be at peace till he has completely wiped Tabi industries from existence. He currently lives in secret in the town by himself.


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Forgotten and unused histories. Empty Re: Forgotten and unused histories.

Post by Kurei Natsumori on Thu Jul 24, 2014 12:44 am

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Forgotten and unused histories. Empty Re: Forgotten and unused histories.

Post by Guest on Thu Jul 24, 2014 12:54 am

This is my first and ONLY 500 word personality for a character I did on a site long ago. This was a complete headache and do not recommend it, unless you like those kinds of things. Here it is and enjoy!

Outside of Battle- Haku, even form an early age, had the urge to always help others and to go out of his way to fix problems that people may have. This determination not only shows in his action but also through his magic. He also has a natural attraction to making friends and doing things to help others make friends. He stays friendly and considerate, even when others try to shove him away, knowing that if not immediately but eventually he can make a friend. He will even duel or fight someone for the sake of friendship, knowing that this is also a way for some people to make friends and bond.
In-general, Haku is laid-back, calm, and collective. He will gladly listen to people and be active in conversation. He is usually in a happy or peppy mood, while keeping his cool.

In Battle- Haku is a very 'defensive' fighter in both actuality and personality. He takes as much time that is allotted to think and figure out a way to finish a fight with the least amount of bloodshed. He attempts to keep two to three steps ahead of his opponent, trying to leave the least amount of opening that he can. He will even start stalling his opponent if he saw it fit to aid him in a fight or to keep his opponent from causing harm.
As follower, Haku is a very good team player. He would follow commands and orders when told, and do them to the best that he possibly could. That isn't to say he won't put in his two-cents if it seem logical. If he would see something the leader didn't see, or saw another solution to the problem, he would alert the team s quickly as he could, seeing as combat is a very hectic and confusing time. He would assist the team as best he could and would play the support or defender of the group.
As a leader, Haku would make it his key job to keep his team safe and alive. He would analyze the situation and assort his friends in the best scenario possible for a successful outcome. He always puts his team first before the mission, seeing as you can't replace people. If worse came to worse, Haku would fight to the death for his team, with no regards to his own safety.

Extra-Fun Info- One of Haku's favorite hobbies, other than making friends, is cooking. When Haku cooks, he becomes some what of another person. He gets into a sorta mood where he will neither hear nor pay attention to anyone while he is cooking. He gets a glazed "I'm getting this done now, so don't bother me" look on his face also. He keeps everything he is using organized, neat, and clean, all while keeping people out of his cooking area. He has been known to actually run into a person while he was in the middle of baking a wonderful apple pie.


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Forgotten and unused histories. Empty Re: Forgotten and unused histories.

Post by Guest on Thu Jul 24, 2014 12:59 am

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Forgotten and unused histories. Empty Re: Forgotten and unused histories.

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