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Aiteht, the Creature Tamer

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Aiteht, the Creature Tamer  Empty Aiteht, the Creature Tamer

Post by Aerin Vae on Wed Aug 02, 2017 9:24 pm

Aiteht, the Creature Tamer  Brii-b10

Name: Aiteht
Age: 19
Origin/Home: Guro's Tropics
Gender: Male
Deity: Terra
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Race: Elf
Background/History: Aiteht grew up in the tropics. His father was a hunter by trade and his mother was a healer. At a young age, his mother thought him how to channel the power of nature into a staff. The power outputted after absorption depended on the climate and area, and thus, it allowed him to use weak nature abilities, such as growing vines or shooting rocks. After a while with his mother training, his father brought him along for a 'fun' trip. Little did Aiteht know - it was a hunting trip. The next few days, Aiteht witnessed animal killings that hurt his soul. And, when the last day of the trip came, his father told him what was going to happen, and why they REALLY went on the trip. His father planned to hunt down a mythical creature, one that was extinct except for this last one. The next day, when his father left to find it, Aithet followed him. After a few hours of searching, he had pinpointed the creature. It was a small feathered animal, with tiny wings, about the size of a small dog. His father held out his gun to it, and right as he was about to shoot, Aiteht called on all the power of nature he could, even Terra noticed his presence, and shot at his father, the outburst of so much power cracked the staff, blinding Aithet. When he opened his eyes, his father had gone, disappeared. And the creature was at his foot, nuzzling his leg. He reached his hand down to pet it, and it pushed it's head into his hand. When he looked at his hand again, he could see a tattoo. He thought about returning to his mother, but he didn't have the heart to return alone, and instead, he stayed with his new friend and the forest.

Living in the forest for years and practicing magic as much anymore, Aithet learned to communicate with the animals. He searched for the mythical creatures, and when he had 4 in his collection, he headed for a place that his mother had talked about. A 'city', full of people. Kiru, city.

Personality: Aiteht is a curious person who is not very used to a lot of people. He isn't shy by any means, though, and will question a lot of things. He adores animals and if he sees them come to any harm, he will unleash his wrath upon those who seek to harm them. He is kind and has mannerisms, but is also poor since he has just arrived in Kiru. He is also a vegetarian.
Likes: Animals, people, discovering new things, the ocean, the forests, being in nature. Connecting with whatever he can. Sweet things - Sweet tooth.
Dislikes: Meat. People who would harm animals or other people.
Mate/spouse/lover: None

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Aerin Vae
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Aiteht, the Creature Tamer  Empty Re: Aiteht, the Creature Tamer

Post by Annabelle on Wed Aug 02, 2017 10:42 pm


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