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Deity of Peace and Dreams, Miasmirem

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Deity of Peace and Dreams, Miasmirem  Empty Deity of Peace and Dreams, Miasmirem

Post by Aerin Vae on Tue Jul 25, 2017 4:01 pm

Name: Miasmirem, Deity of Peace and Dreams
Talisman: A cloudy purple orb that can be set into any piece of Jewellery, or kept as it is.
Pre-History: There was fire, war and fire. Miasmirem picked up her scythe and swung ferociously at Kodru, gold following it. It cuts his arm - for the only thing capable of harming a deity is another deity. He jumps at her with his twinblades, cutting her arm and stomach. She yelps in pain, and her wounds heal. 'This world is mine' Kodru says, an evil grin across his face. 'I refuse' says Miasmirem - determined. She holds her scythe behind her, and begins unleashing all of her power into it. 'I will end this thousand year war here and NOW' She yells at the top of her lungs. Kodru laughs, and holds his twinblades in an 'x', both points passing each shoulder. They glow deep red, and he fills them with all his power. Cracks begin to appear around them, reality becoming damaged from so much raw energy. Miasmirem roars with the voice of humanity, and Kodru rushes foreward with the power of the ancients. Miasmirem fires her scythe downwards and Kodru slices up. And as they collide.... a universe destroying explosion occurs.
History: One of the first to absorb a deity soul in the flames - and one of the only remaining ORIGINAL deities. Her soul was one of the strongest of all of the deities, and she burned with life. As a young girl, she was raised link any other child. She had a good life, everyone around her was happy. At a young age, she was good at most things, not breaking out any fights or rows because of it only added to that. Then, at a certain age, she began to realise that she could do strange things. Like, if there was a fight - her very presence could end it. Or if someone was having a nightmare, she could be near them and make them still and peaceful. However, what she found peculiar was that she had the ability to go INTO people's dreams, as well as see them and what they were dreaming about. Not only that, but if she did or said something to them in the dream, they could actually remember it. She was praised by this from the whole town, and brought to houses at night to be a literal dream catcher. However, one night, on a visit away from town, a young couple asked for her services. Their son - an adopted flame elemental - was having nightmares for years, and they asked her to see to it that he could sleep in peace.

Miasmirem politely agreed and stopped off at the house of the couple - who were away. She seen the young elemental sleeping in some sort of makeshift furnace. And he was twitching and rolling around. She felt pity, and she sat near him. His twitching stopped, but his sweating didn't. She was confused, 'this usually works' - she had thought to herself. It was then that she felt it. A NEED. She knew that deep down - if certain dreams were too horrid, that they could only be cured by entering them. But something about the boy scared her. She reached out her hand, very, very lowly, a wave of nausea hitting her. She touched him after what seemed like minutes. And seen something that a person should never have to.

There was fire. Endless fire, the whole world cascaded in it. The sun was gone, replaced by a dark presence over the world, with flaming eyes. She started to sweat and shudder violently. There were screams and roars from everywhere, towns and villages poured with flames. There was only death, and war. She started to feel a scream touch the back of her throat, and without warning, the presence laughed ominously. She screamed and broke contact with the elemental. Sweating and suddenly exhausted.

She vowed right there that she would do anything within her power to prevent this calamity from ever striking this world, and ran away from the home.

Her parents knew something horrific must have happened, and brought their daughter to the deity Terra. It was there that Terra told her of her powers. Miasmirem listened in awe, and she stayed with Terra for a time. Decades later, she emerged from Terra's temple. And with the heart of a savior and the voice of a deity, she swore to never let the world be overcome by the flames.

Temple Location: Temple of Tranquility



500 - Dreamcatcher - As deity of dreams, Miasmirem allows the user and anyone touching them to go into the dreams of another person. Enemies here all have reversed stats and death there means nothing. The dreamer IS always in here too, but you may have to find them.
1250 - Peacekeeper: As the deity of peace, Miasmirem grant her followers the ability to calm down everybody in a nearby area. This prevents ANYONE (Including the user) from attacking for 3 posts. Can affect monsters excluding bosses if you roll a dice and the result <5. Cooldown = 5 Posts
2500 - Timeless Sleep - As the deity of dreams. Miasmirem slows time down for everyone but you - as if you were in a dream. Everyone's speed excluding yours and other followers of Miasmirem is quartered and you move twice as fast. Lasts 4 posts. Cooldown = 10 posts.
5000 - Miasma: Crushing the cloudy, purple orb that symbolises following Miasmirem causes a thick purple smog to be released over a large area, putting EVERYONE except you to sleep. During this time, you can access anyone's dreams and also do as you wish. However, if you harm them, you will have a massive price to pay - for Miasmirem IS the deity of peace, after all. This power cannot be blocked, but can be evaded for a small amount of time by holding your breath. Duration is however many posts the user would like. Cooldown is twice per topic.
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