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Deity of Nature, Terra

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Deity of Nature, Terra  Empty Deity of Nature, Terra

Post by Aerin Vae on Thu Jul 20, 2017 9:44 am

Deity of Nature, Terra  13574710

Name:Terra, the Mother Goddess
Talisman: Crown of flowers or roses placed on person
Alignment: Good
History: None hath held more sorrow than she. As the burning of the old world came to a end. She brought forth the idea of a new world, playing upon the ego's of the other deities. Terra thought nothing more sacred than life itself, and is known as the oldest living deity, revered for her seemingly never ending power over the land. Terra truly wishes the best for all life, and understands the concept of what it means for those who are living to survive so long as they respect her land.
Kiru City was the only major city allowed to be built in the new lands as of the current time. Terra as the sovereign protector of the Realm, placed her shrine close to the city, in order to protect it from harm, and to protect the environment around the city.

"I may be the God of many lies and knowledge, but Terra dates back to such a far time that even I cannot keep an account for how long her history runs." ~  Deity of Shadows, Twisted Lies

Temple Location: Shrine of the Mother Goddess

-500:   Natures Calling: May allow you to send animals in the area to serve along side you for 5 posts. Roll the Nature Dice to see which animal comes to your aid.
-1250:  Regenerate: ability that has a 15post cd, causes the caster to regenerate themselves from any type of injury that could be fatal or minor.Takes up 1 whole post to cast. Can be used in middle of fight.
-2500:  Natures Blessing: Strengthens all the users Base stats of Strength, speed, agility and endurance by 2. Passive ability (not toughness)
-5000:  Natural Distaster : Call upon Terra to cause a natural disaster of your choice, the disaster last 10posts. Once per topic
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