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Deities of Love, Reiki and Crona

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Deities of Love, Reiki and Crona

Post by Aerin Vae on Thu Jul 20, 2017 9:40 am

Name:Reiki and Crona the lovable ones
Talisman:A golden heart in a circle made of silver
Alignment:good neutral

History:Brother and sister, Reiki and Crona were both created to love and protect each other. They wanted to share their love for each other with others so they did. They grant protection and healing to anyone who loves and fights for love.

During the time when the realm of zero was in it's primitive stages the two gods looked and protected over the land giving hope and protection to the people who believed and prayed to them showing them the route best suited for their survival and aiding them when injured.

One evening when the shaman of a tribe had became ill, both gods knowing of the ailment treated it but alas the infection was fatal. As the tribe in distress panicked over the death of their shaman. The gods told them to be patient but as years went by the tribe said for what was the reason they should be patient for. And as those words were spoken the shaman had risen from her eternal slumber. The people cried of joy and prayed every second they lived for it was a miracle that the gods could alter death itself.

Temple Location: Temple of the Loved Ones

Spells of blessings
500~ Healing Touch: heals the caster mentally and physically from attacks that occurred 8 posts before this initial post. Has a 10 post Cool-down and must concentrate full post to heal.This cannot amend death
1000~Shell: blocks the next three attack posts that are either magical or physical. 10post cooldown and infinite cooldown.
2500~ Gift: Ask Reiki or Crona for a gift, they may be willing to bless you
5000~kiss of life: after dying Crona and Reiki kiss you and reverses time 15 posts backwards while opponent is oblivious to what has occurred.
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