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Weapon Template

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Weapon Template Empty Weapon Template

Post by Aerin Vae on Wed Jul 19, 2017 11:34 pm

Weapons are your main attacking tools in RoZ, along with powers. With less creativity involved in their creation, but more stabby. Weapons and powers each hold 6 slots. 3 of each, 1 power 5 weapons, etc, etc. Think carefully about the differences between the two as you make your weapons! Also, as a sidenote, please no OP weapons. I don't feel the NEED to explain this, but you get the idea.
Image: Describe to us what your weapon looks like, be as vague or as clear as you want! Better yet, though, send us a picture of what your weapon looks like if at all possible!
Name of Weapon: The name of your weapon.
Type: Weapons can either be defensive or offensive. Defensive weapons are things like shields and such, while offensive one's are things like swords, kunai, etc. A weapon can be both offensive and defensive too, though, things such as a sword can block attacks too! So keep this in mind!
Class: The weapon classes are A (Main/Primary Weapon), B (Secondary Weapon) and C (Thertiary weapon). These are pretty self explanatory, but A means that you use it the most often, things like your generic sword and such. B can be things like shields or something that you use less than your A, finally, C's are like the wildcards, being things like shuriken and pistols.
Effect: What extra effects does the weapon have? Can it go on fire? Send shockwaves through the ground? Let us know!
Drawback: To avoid being OP, weapons need a drawback, for instance, a sword that can go on fire... but, after 3 posts of it being on fire, it becomes too hot to hold, and you have to switch weapons. (Remember no to be TOO harsh on yourself and not to go overboard! I will try to judge accordingly!)



And that about wraps it up for weapons! If you have any further questions or queries, please feel free to PM me on site or in the discord! If i'm not around, try one of the other admins! Thanks!

Pir - Adviser over weapon creation
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