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Ascension, Rise to Godhood

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Ascension, Rise to Godhood Empty Ascension, Rise to Godhood

Post by Ascension Admin on Wed Jan 06, 2016 11:05 pm

Ascension, Rise to Godhood Guild-ad_zpsbfb66ed7

Pangia, the origin of all of creation. All events which take place here, be them constructive or destructive, ripple outward and alter reality as we know it. Any being that has or will ever live, descends from a prototype which drew its first breath here. All beings, with the exception of one, were created by the gods. That one creature is man.

Man's abrupt and unexpected appearance did not bode well for many which were old beforehand. They called to their gods. Many deities sought to destroy man here, thereby eliminating their existence everywhere. However, not all of the old ones held hatred towards man. In a world where many different beings exist, each with their own beliefs and purpose for existing, war was inevitable. The appearance of man only served as accelerant to impending flames.

Those who fought for malignant deities, against mankind nearly drove the mortal world to the point of extinction. This was until one being successfully defied the odds imposed by the gods essentially turning the gods against one another. It conquered their destructive forces and claimed dominance over this world. The being was known to many as the Conqueror, and the Emperor. This creature ruled over the world and kept it in a state of relative peace for several millenniums. Though the creature was strict with laws, it treated all within its kingdom fairly. As long lived as the creature was, it was still mortal and it could only extend its life for so long.

A new force was eventually forged by the Emperor in hopes of conquering death. A sentient flame, capable of burning away even the intangible. It was thought that the spirit of death that haunted the Conqueror could be destroyed. Spiteful deities manipulated the creation and twisted it into something sinister. The fire rebelled against its creator. After a heated battle, the Emperor stood victorious. It banished the god's would be champion before eventually dying from wounds endured.

The Emperor first placed its power into different items and distributed them among trusted generals in its imperial army. Its generals were suspended from the flow of time and removed from the fabric of space. The people respected the Emperors decision and for a while the world remained at peace. As time passed, their one time ruler faded into legend. An unknown amount of time has passed and it's become evident that the spell which suspended the imperial forces has begun to weaken.  A once revered general returned and was killed shortly after. Further still, her sacred item was stolen.

Those who knew of the ancient world's history feared the worst. Evidence suggested, that the being responsible for killing the Emperor was also responsible for this devious act. It is assumed that more of the imperial forces will eventually return bringing with them the sacred items left by the Emperor of the old world.

Many with righteous intent will spring into action. Those who desire power will no doubt begin to make their moves as well. Only one thing is certain. If any one being manages to get all of the Emperor's items they will become a force that even the gods will revere.

"Ascension, Rise to Godhood" is the original Duel Play Role Play (DPRP) writing game and now it's hosted at risetogodhood.forumotion.com. The DPRP style puts a writer's creativity to the test and even helps them build up their creativity. This RP is for the HARDCORE RPer and most imaginative Creative Writer.

Arc 1: The Return

Ascension, Rise to Godhood Battle-wallpaper-army-angel-wings-magic-sword_zpse0d266fa

Plot: The Emperor's main forces were removed from time shortly after receiving the task of guarding the sacred items. Now, the spell is breaking and one by one the most venerable generals of the ancient empire are being rebound to time. The peoples of this age may have forgotten what once was, but they will remember soon enough.

Objective: There are many objectives and many possible roads to travel. Each month an undetermined number of generals will be posted. In this site's signature DPRP style, tell your character's story in relation to these returning heroes. Will you attempt to kill them and take the power they protect for yourself or will you aid them in becoming accustomed to the new world they now enter? The choice is yours.

Ascension Admin

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Ascension, Rise to Godhood Empty Re: Ascension, Rise to Godhood

Post by The Greatest Pooba on Sun Jan 17, 2016 5:12 pm

"Fight me" He said while gazing lovingly into it's eyes.

The Greatest Pooba

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