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Nova Gauner's Powers

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Nova Gauner's Powers

Post by xXNovaXxFate on Wed Dec 02, 2015 11:20 am

Name: Power Surge 
Level: 1
Power Type: Will
Effect: Increases all of Nova's Stats by 2, pushing his body to its limits, sense of smell, sight, speed, and strength are all increased.
Weaknesses: Causes Nova to become really exhausted, and slightly weakened until after 2 posts for usual, or 3 for max, but makes him extremely exhausted, and in a real weakened state.
Duration: By pushing his limits, he usually goes for 3 of his posts, but can max it, if needed to at 5 of his posts.
Cool-down: After Power Surge is over, he has to wait 3 posts for usual, or 5 posts if he maxes out.

Name: Cleanse 
Level: 1
Power Type: Dark
Effect: Allows Nova to use his demonic powers to negate and dispel any negative statuses, marks, or effects on him.
Weaknesses: Once nova dispels or negates any status on him he will feel it to the max of its potential for 2 posts but wont cause any physical damage to him.
Duration: 1 post
Cool-down: 3 posts

Enchantment of Power's Added skill, from the Crinx's enchantment. 

Name: Dark Materialization 
Power Type: Dark
Effect: Allows Nova to calls upon his demonic powers  to act as his weapon or shield, he can summon max of 4 blades which he could either hold or command them to be flung toward the enemy. If he uses it as protection, he could shield him and two other people, by putting a dark cloak around there body, protecting them from physical and magical damage, while negating and dispelling any and all effects.  
Weaknesses: He cannot be able to use both his attack and defensive form while using his shield on someone else, only If used only for himself, he can shield himself and only be able to conjure two swords, (Its ineffective toward light powered attacked, making them useless) 
Duration: For as long as he leaves the effect on, Maxed 3 posts
Cool-down: After his skill is used it will take as long as he had it active, plus an extra 2 posts

Level 2 Skills

Name:Holy Armor
Level: 2
Power Type: Light
Effect:Places a Light Barrier around himself which heals, and when first activated it dispels any dark powers around a 20ft radius when used, also  add holy/Light attribute to his weapons making them radiate light. 
Weaknesses: Able to be seen easily when using this move thanks to the glow, also can't be stack upon any other Attribute powers.
Duration:4 posts max
Cool-down: 2 posts plus how many posts its been activated, max 6 posts

Name: Inazuma (Sword)
Level: 2
Power Type: Dark
Effect: Being more infused with his blood over time, Nova's sword can now be used to transform into any type of weapon of his choosing, (Scythe, sickle and chain, lance, greatsword, axe, tonfa, odachi,) using his powers to change its size, or height. Also if charged for a post, it is able to shoot out a 10ft black crescent moon slice, it is a powerful technique with great force, creating large-scale damage and destruction able to travel for 20Ft, he is also allowed to move while charging his attack. 
Weaknesses: (it cannot take the shape of any gun, or bow) Also when using his main effect it takes time to charge (1 Post,) Also after using his move, the sword transforms back into its main form, not being able to shift into anything until after the cool-down is over.
Duration: instant
Cool-down:3 posts

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