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Post by Guest on Tue Nov 24, 2015 2:18 pm

Powers are your main weapon in Zero (along with weapons xD) they are basically your characters... soul. Remember, you can only have 6 items or powers between this and weapons creation. So, 3 powers and 3 weapons, 1 power and 5 weapons, any way you want, just make sure it's six. Also, I would like to mention that overpowered powers are not allowed, like instantly killing people, if they are, I will decline them and tell you to fix them.
Image: Give us a picture of what your power looks like, if you can't find one sutible, just describe it as best as you can.
Name: The name of your power, Fireball or Firebolt, etc. Not just "fire"
Type: Is it fire, dark, light, physical, magic, nature, water, air? (Any other power type not listed there, such as telepathic, goes under magic)
Effect: What does the power do, remember, if it's a really good power, it needs a realitively high cool-down.
Duration: How long does the power last after casting? USe posts, eg, 1 post.
Cool-down: How long it takes to recharge, use posts for this too. Eg, 2 posts.
Here's the c/p part Smile



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