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Leere      Empty Leere

Post by Guest on Sat Nov 21, 2015 2:34 am

Leere      Tumblr_mrnw8d9TS41sft8pwo1_500

Leere      WAAACH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAICRAEAOw==Leere      Th?&id=OIP.Mdd416f846f32db621de40282b00f968fo0&w=300&h=300&c=0&pid=1
(^Wings he had in Heaven^)
Name: Leere (Birth name: Sieghart Wick)
Age: 30 (looks 22)
Origin/Home: Heaven (Origin); Has no home
Gender: Male
Deity: Atheist
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Race: Angel

Background/History: In Heaven there existed a boy, named Sieghart Wick, brought into existence by the very clouds of heaven, which is why is hair is pure white. On the day is existence started, he was already at the age of 10. Sieghart was an ordinary Angel during this time. He lived in Heaven, flew among the clouds with his majestic wings of orange, purple, and red. Sieghart continued living this way for 12 years, completely unaware of what a life spent in Heaven was doing to him.

In the first 12 years of his existence, Sieghart was a kind and caring young man; his strength was on par with those of his age, and his intelligence was as well. He knew many Angels during this time, most of which became dear friends to him, true friends that he believed he could depend on. Time slowly passed on during his 12 years in Heaven. He lived, he thrived, he created many wonderful memories, but unbeknownst to him, his heart was slowly fading away. Boredom began to set in.

As his emotions disappeared, a new sensation made itself known in Sieghart's heart. It was a sense of emptiness, a sense of nothingness, a sense of feeling void. Without his worthless emotions to obscure his vision, Sieghart started to see the truth of his existence in Heaven. It was a meaningless existence, a life that held no purpose. This realization drove him into his current mindset of a nihilist. As Sieghart changed, he saw his once so-called friends in a new light. They were happy living a meaningless existence, not having a real reason for being alive. As a result, Sieghart closed himself off from the other Angels, becoming cold and distant.

Sieghart wandered through Heaven alone, walking. He didn't want to be reminded of how much he resembled those foolish Angels who live for no reason, so he no longer used his wings. Soon after Sieghart turned 22, he no longer wanted to exist in Heaven, the place he believes took away his emotions; the place that brought him into existence, but without a reason to truly live. Strangely enough, he didn't feel angry because of it, nor was he upset, or even sad, he was unable to feel any of those. Sieghart soon decided to leave Heaven.

Using his wings one last time, he descended beneath the clouds, toward the world that resided below him, the Realm of Zero. Soon after arriving on the ground, Sieghart knew he must erase his former existence, the one he grew bored of in Heaven. He grabbed his wings, one in each hand, and ripped them out from his back. By doing so, Sieghart is forever scarred with two large scars on his back where his wings once were, one over each shoulder blade. He felt great pain from this action, yet his expression never showed this. As he held his severed wings in his hands, the feathers slowly fell off. He watched as the feathers were caught by the wind and carried off, where they crumbled to dust and ceased to exist. As he watched this happen he simply uttered one word, Leere, the name he would take as his own from now on.

After a moment, Leere's gaze feel to his hands, his wings all but gone, except for a single orange feather. He examined the feather, somewhat intrigued by how it continued to exist. While unsure why it hadn't faded away like the others, Leere decided to keep the feather, as a memento that things may exist, even if there is no reason for them to. He tucked the feather away in his coat pocket, where it still remains. After breathing in the air of this new world, Leere's new existence began with simple steps on the dirt underneath his feet. He walks barefoot from here on out, each step erasing the touch of the clouds in Heaven from his memory.

It has been eight years since Leere left Heaven. In those eight years his appearance hasn't changed. He is aging, but his body's physical appearance remains the same as the day it did when he tore off his wings. He wanders the land, no place to call home, since he does not long for such a place. Even though he has no reason to exist, he continues to, just like the single orange feather he carries with him. He goes through his new existence, knowing that it is impossible to truly live. Although he may never truly live, Leere knows his existence on the ground will transcend the existence he once had in Heaven.

During his time on Zero, Leere has become quite adept at creating and manipulating fire, becoming very formidable with it. Although, this was not always the case. At the beginning of his self-taught training practices, he once burned down an entire village when his fire powers went out of control. Many lives were lost, but Leere felt no remorse for his actions. To him, it wasn't a loss, but a gaining of knowledge. He used that day to help him hone his skills. And soon enough, he acquired the willpower needed to control his blazing power efficiently. As a result, he has developed quite an arsenal of techniques and abilities centered around fire and flames. His greatest ability is setting parts of his body on fire and using them to fight, a style he refers to as Feurig. As he trained more with his new fire powers, he knew that one day he would turn to ashes and vanish, never to be reborn. Because of this mindset, he sometimes refers to himself as the Mortal Phoenix.

Personality: Leere's personality can be summed up in one word: nihilist. He no longer feels any emotions. Or rather, the more correct way to put it is he feels void of all emotions. This sense of void or nothingness left in him makes him seem very cold and distant. However, this does make him more rational, logical, and much more calculating than others. He once was a very kind and caring person, but none of that exists in him anymore.
Likes: Nothing he likes, more so he can tolerate most things.
Dislikes: People's outbursts of emotions, Heaven, most Angels (especially ones he knew in Heaven)
Mate/Spouse/Lover: None

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Leere      Empty Re: Leere

Post by Guest on Sat Nov 21, 2015 7:35 pm

Approved, me.
Thanks, me.


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