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Jakob Weiss

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Jakob Weiss Empty Jakob Weiss

Post by Amaterasu on Sat Nov 21, 2015 12:34 am

Jakob Weiss Jakob11

   Name: Jakob Weiss
   Age: 25
   Origin/Home: Kiru City
   Gender: Male
   Deity: Terra, the Mother Goddess
   Sexual Orientation: homosexual
   Race: Elven
   Background/History: Grew up in the slums of Kiru. Kind of wanted to see the world but my parents wanted me to practice my wind magic i was average but after opening a book my father had locked up I unlocked a whole new power. when opening the book black and purple aura seeped out of the book and into almost every orifice in my body. My father walked in shocked then angry at the sight of me he raised his hand ,I winced knowing it was going to hurt but nothing happened.I opened my eyes to see his face wide eyed then falling to the ground. I had cut him in two. I ran away from home not wanting to see my mothers face knowing she cried that night.i haven't seen her since. I hope she is alright. I own a small book store now to remind me of the time when my parents used to read to me.
   Personality: Keeps to himself and looks for true meaning
   Likes: Danishes, books, and the autumn breeze
   Dislikes: Doughnuts, children , and abuse
   Mate/spouse/lover: Do my books count

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