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Geo's Only Spell

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Geo's Only Spell Empty Geo's Only Spell

Post by Geo Nightgale on Wed Aug 26, 2015 12:06 pm

Name: Nengel(nen-gell): (Water Joy)
Level: 1
Power Type: Water
Effect(s): As fragments of the water in the air clump together to the caster hand. The user projects a form in with the water will form. Spell will them form as such and apply it self to user. Ability is short range to no range at all. Mostly used to modify weapons already have equipped or own. There is no set width or height due to the fact it depends heavy on user skill level but, records show it not getting any bigger than 10'ins long 5ins thick.
Weaknesses: Spell can only be used if user mind set has a objective or clear goal in mind. Projectile creations is near to impossible (Only master level can make it)
Duration: Indefinite, lol, 9post limit.
Cool-down: Usally takes 2-3 post depending on user conditions and mind set. If in critical conditions(User health) can cause death.
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