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Lloyde's Level 2!

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Lloyde's Level 2!

Post by Admin on Tue Aug 11, 2015 4:55 pm

Here for my leveling Ceremony! to finally move up to level 2! I'm ready for the big quests
As for Stats I know I'ma put up Toughness and Endurance up one. As for my new element, i shall be getting Light

Name: Blinding Light Trap
Level: 2
Power Type: Light
Effect: Lloyde places down a trap that's disguised by bending Light . It looks like a bear trap. When stepping on it, a giant flash of light will burst from the trap, blinding ANYONE within 5ft of it for 2 posts. When the traps run out of duration from just sitting there, they simply dissipate.
Weaknesses: They have to step on the trap. Requires Lloyde to put the trap down ahead of time. Lloyde can only have 3 traps out at a time.
Duration: 2 post duration for blind. If untouched it remains there for 10posts
Cool-down: 4 post cool down.

Name: Hive mind
Level: 2
Power Type: Will
Effect: Shares his field of vision with any companion or pet who would allow/agree to the effect. Meaning he can see from multiple points of view at once. The caster and users eyes glow brighter than their usual appearance.
Weaknesses: It offers no offensive strength and is only for tactical use. It doesn't work on enemies or people who refuse it. 
Duration: 6 Posts
Cool-down: 8 posts

Name: Sunlight Crasher
Level: 2
Fusion Power Type: Fire & Light
Effect: Shoots a giant arrow with fire/sunlight strength, the arrow is unreasonably large, about 2ft in width and travels at the same speed as a regular arrow. It also create a large amount of light, blinding any targets who are within a 10ft radius when it hits.
Weaknesses: Any combination of Shadow and Water can put this out. It's huge and easily noticeable to be a special attack. Requires Lloyde to have an arrow in his quiver.
Duration: Initial Post
Cool-down: 10 Posts

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