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August 8.1.15 Patch Notes & Event Link

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August 8.1.15 Patch Notes & Event Link

Post by Kurei Natsumori on Mon Aug 03, 2015 11:40 am

This Topic is all about the recent changes made in the Realm of Zero. It features the new additions and functions in the site as well as updates to the current History, and some templates.

Furthermore this contains the Event for the Realm: Deity Appreciation EVENT

The additions are as follows:

  • Dragons have been added and shall be the reoccurring theme for this months quests.
    For Elves out there, you have a chance to use some of your skills, a baby dragon has been added to be tamed and kept as an exotic pet.  Lv 2 Quest

  • Kobolds , the cousins of Dragons, are added to the Monster Manual.

  • Stat Chart Finalized, a feature that was highly requested to further explain what are the stat numbers mean. Including how much HP you have, and how long you can fight !

  • Damage Calculation has been added to finally put those Stats to good use! It also allows for PvP and PvE to become more connecting, when you know how hard your opponent can strike.

  • Fusion Spells and Magic Update: There you have it, a way for you to combine some spells for some crazy wombo combo's! Magic has picked up Strengths and Weaknesses to certain elements which explain why some Elements aren't a good match.

  • Persona Character Sheet These character sheets are a EASY way to collect your stats and write down your powers and equipment on! It aids in keeping everything in one neat organized area for you or others to view.

  • V.I.P Store (Donations) This shop is for people who want to elevate their game or simply catch up with some exclusive content. But nonetheless all of these donations go towards helping the Website, so Donate to Support !

This concludes our patch notes, if you have any suggests to our modifications PLEASE reach out to us in the Help Desk !
Ask any questions here in this topic Smile  Like always, have a nice day !
Kurei Natsumori

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