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Post by Kurei Natsumori on Mon Aug 03, 2015 11:24 am

 Image of Kobolds
Kobolds are these lizard like creatures that revere dragons. They're often resistant to fire and are about 3-4ft in height. Weighing about 100lb each, excluding their equipment. They're nefarious little creatures who're only interested in a Higher power, and Gold.

Name: Kobold Minion
Level: 1
Normal Type: Normal
Equipment:  6 ft Spear, Cloth Armor on lower body
Description: These kobolds are very cowardous and weak, they dare not fight without their leader present or a sure chance in victory. They're easily intimidated and will usually attack in large numbers. Resistant to Fire Spells for 2 Hitpoints
Powers: N/a

Name: Kobold Skirmisher
Level: 1
Normal Type: Normal
Equipment: 6ft Spear and a throwing Javelin, Cloth Armor all over
Description:  These skirmishers tend to gang up on one target, often flanking enemies from behind and using teamwork to bring down larger enemies. Resistant to Fire Spells for 2 Hitpoints
Powers:  N/a

Name: Kobold Dragonshield
Level: 2
Normal Type: Water
Equipment: Chainmail, Shortsword and Shield
Description:  The Dragonshields stick to their name, often protecting their allies, ESPECIALLY dragons. They serve more defensive purposes than offensive. Interrupting channeling powers often with their Mind Strike. Resistant to Fire Spells for 4 Hitpoints
Powers:  Mind Strike: Interrupts powers or abilities that are required to charge from a ranged distance of 30 yards. Cooldown: 5 posts

Name: Kobold Slyblade
Level: 3
Normal Type: Water
Equipment: Short Sword, Leather armor
Description:  The kobold Slybade makes a quick way around its allies, sneaking stealthily along the shadows and ambushing at crucial moments, sometimes interrupting finishing blows. Resistant to Fire Spells for 5 Hitpoints
Powers: Twinslash: Makes two attacks in quick succession,seemingly  at the same time. Cooldown: 8posts

Name: Kobold Wyrmpriest
Level: 2
Normal Type: Fire
Equipment: Cloth Armor, 6ft Spear, and Staff
Description:  The Wyrmpriests are the magical beasts for Kobolds. They keep a great distance away from their foes, often shooting from behind their minions or dragonshields to avoid harm.Resistant to Fire Spells for 4 Hitpoints
Powers:  Dragon Breath: Shoots fire from its mouth, in a cone possibly hurting any allies and foes within 10ft away. Cooldown: Once per Topic.
Fireball: Shoots forth a small orb of fire at the target location from their hands or staff. Cooldown: 3posts
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