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(QUEST) Lv2: Dragon Slayer

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(QUEST) Lv2: Dragon Slayer

Post by Annabelle on Mon Aug 03, 2015 7:46 am

Location: Glacial Plains
Level: 2
Player Limit: 2-4
Quest Description: The Dragons have broken out of the ice! After being frozen for many years they have finally managed to make their escape from The Tomb. Using its Fire Breath, one specific species of dragons, called the Xiuhcoatl are melting the Glacial Plains, causing mass flooding and unbalance in the land. If someone doesn't stop them, they could melt all the frozen lands and flood the nearby cities.  
Conditions: Report to the Glacial Plains and slay 3 FIRE BREATHING dragons. Minimum of 20 posts. (Hint: Roll one monster per person at a time for easier, quicker kills)
Rewards: 8,000g 500exp. Bonus 10g for every none fire breathing dragon slayed. 500g for boss.
Monster Sightings: APALALA (Easy), XIUHCOATL (Medium), ATTOR (Hard) GLAURUNG (Boss)


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