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Post by Annabelle on Mon Aug 03, 2015 7:44 am

Level: 2
Normal Type: Water
Equipment: Scales on its body act like low toughness armor.

This dragon is roughly 10ft tall, however it is not crazy strong and flys away a short distance to avoid getting hurt. Its toughness is pretty high and can take quite a few hits before collapsing. Being a water dragon, it's weak against fire.
Powers: Water Blast; The APALALA can shoot a blast of water from their mouths every 2 posts, ranging up to 20 feet. Each blast has high amounts of water pressure and taking a direct hit will cause you to fly back 5 feet and leave possible bruising.
Scratch; The APALALA can extend their razor sharp claws to scratch anything that's at most 5 feet away, so keep your distance.
Transparent; Once every 5 posts the APALALA can transform their whole body into water form and dodge an incoming attack. During this time it is very weak against fire.

Level: 2
Normal Type: Fire
Equipment: Scales on its body act like low toughness armor.

The XIUHCOATL is roughly 10ft tall. It has a strong fire breath, and a good amount of toughness. It is able to fly short distances but is slow moving otherwise. It likes to engage itself in combat and will only try to fly away if severely threatened. Being a Fire Dragon, it is weak against water.
Powers: Fire Breath;  The XIUHCOATL can breathe fire. They can shoot strong blasts of fire with a range of 10 feet ever 2 posts that can scorch an opponent standing directly in the blast. It is possible to die from a direct hit but unlikely. 
Scratch; The XIUHCOATL can extend their razor sharp claws to scratch anything that's at most 5 feet away, so keep your distance.
Fire Shied; The XIUHCOATL can summon a fire shield every 5 posts to protect them from projectiles. Shield lasts 3 posts. If the shield if hit 5 times within its activation, it explodes in a 10 feet radius, hitting everyone around

Level: 2
Normal Type: Poison
Equipment: Slime on its body acts like low toughness armor.

The ATTOR's  are roughly 10ft tall. They are very strong, and tough. They have overall good stats and highly dangerous to deal with. Their body is covered head to toe (or dragon claw) in poison. One touch from an ATTOR and you will be poisoned. Effects from poison may include, vomiting, loss of strength and health, skin boils or rashes with extreme pain, blacking out, and in rare cases, death. They like to fight and will mostly likey die fighting.
Powers: Poison Shot; The ATTOR can shoot venomous poison from their mouths with a range of up to 10 feet every 2 posts. Contact with the venom will get you poisoned. 
Poison Scratch; The ATTOR can extend their razor sharp, poisonous claws to scratch anything that's at most 5 feet away, if contact is made, you will be poisoned, so keep your distance.
Poisonous Sting; The ATTOR can shoot stinger-like talons from all over their bodys that are poisonous every 3 posts. They have a range of 10ft. Getting stung by one will poison you.

Level: 3
Normal Type: Dark Magic
Equipment: Scales on its body act like high toughness armor.

GLAURUNG's are the baddest of the bad dragons. They are roughly 20 feet in height, and are the king of dragons. Meaning this race of dragon is the more dominant over all the other races. They contain within them dark magic and will use it to their will. They have extremely high toughness, strength and endurance. They can use their wing to fly and blow opponents away quite literally. This isn't the type of dragon you want to fight alone.
Powers: Dark Energy; GLAURUNG can shoot a ball of dark energy from their mouths once every post ranging up to 20 feet. If the ball of dark energy hits you it drains your stamina, power, toughness and speed.
Dragon Tamer; GLAURUNG can summon tiny baby dragons to attack for them once every 3 posts. The tiny dragons have low toughness and strength but are quite fast. He can summon 1 per person in topic. 
Wrath of the Wind; GLAURUNG use their powerful wings to knock opponents back 5 feet. They can do this once every 5 posts.
Claw Launch; GLAURUNG can launch its claws out 10ft acting like projectiles. If you are hit with its giant claw you are now immobilized for 1 post.
The Darkness; Once every 5 posts GLAURUNG can phase out into a form of dark energy. While in this form it can't be targeted or hurt. The Darkness lasts for 1 post.

Name: Ith
Level: 1
Normal Type: Will

Equipment: Scales on its body act like low toughness armor.
These baby dragons are not much bigger than an arm, they are  minions to larger, much tougher dragons. They may stand alongside large dragons to create harass on its opponent. They tend to fight in groups of at most three Ith's at a time, but only when a larger dragon or its master is around.
Powers: Bite; Ith can bite their opponents with their sharp little teeth, inflicting pain.
Fly; Ith can fly quickly and agilely to escape or engage quicker.
Scratch; Ith can extend their claws to scratch anything that's at most 2 feet away.
Special: This dragon can be tamed by Elves, if they are fed fish. (You can go fishing in Tranquil Cove after you've bought a fishing rod)

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