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Damage Calculation

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Damage Calculation Empty Damage Calculation

Post by Kurei Natsumori on Sat Aug 01, 2015 8:52 am

This topic is solely to talk about the damage calculation and the Toughness Stat. Otherwise known as HP or Hit Points.

For level one abilities/Powers , if they are landed successfully it will deal -2 HP to the enemies total.
Any melee attacks, are considered to do -HP of damage regardless of their lethal points except for shots through the Heart or Head. 

The way for everyone to determine if you land a successful hit is judged based on the situation. Ask yourselves if you have enough speed/agility. If the answer is clear that you could be able to dodge than without a doubt, continue. If you're unsure if you took the hit, than just take the damage because it's more than sure that there's a chance it hit you.

For melee to Hitpoints, your default hits are always 1 damage to hitpoints.To increase your melee strength you will add 1/2 your Strength number. If you add your strength and get a decimal, round downward instead of up. For example, base humans start with   -1 + 1.5 Strength, rounding down that'd make my melee attacks worth 2 Hitpoints instead of 2.5 or 3 if rounded up.

For every level higher your ability is, the more damage you will do. Round Down if Decimal.
LevelPower to Hit pointsMelee to Hit points Fusion to Hit points
1-2-1 + 1/2 Strength N/a
2-3-1 + 1/2 Strength-3
3-4-1 + 1/2 Strength-5
4-5-1 + 1/2 Strength-8
FOR GUNS/BOW&ARROWS, use  -1 + 1/3 Agility
FOR MONSTERS, Melee to Hit points is -1+ 1/3 Strength, Rounded Down
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