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(QUEST) Lv1: Catacombs of Neathe Part 1

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(QUEST) Lv1: Catacombs of Neathe Part 1

Post by Kurei Natsumori on Thu Jul 23, 2015 7:21 pm

LocationSwamp of Souls
Level: 1+
Player Limit:  2-4
Quest Description: Down the mysterious ends of the swamp, hidden away, comes a manipulator of souls. A witch of death and destruction was banished from Kiru City for bringing the dead back to life, tormenting the souls of the living, attempting to raise her own army and bring the God Ryner, ultimate faith.
Quell down this rising rebellion that threatens to destroy all living things.

"Our scouts from the city report that Neathe was seen bringing waves of the dead, attacking our nearby outposts. We require any and all travelers to secure the Watch tower and advance. Move North, deep into the forest and find the entrance. It was said to look as a cave that was protruding a foul odor. .an odor of the damned. ." ~ Kiru City Captain

Conditions: 20 Posts Per Participant. Defend the Watch Tower(roll monster dice 2x your party size).
After defending the Watch Tower locate the entrance of the catacombs. (roll monster dice 2x your party size)
Rewards: 400 EXP, and  5,000 Gold
Monster Sightings: (Boss) Skeleton King II, (Hard) Skeleton King I, (Normal) 3xSkeleton Knight, (Easy) 2xSkeleton Knight

All the monsters can be found here 
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