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Grand City of Kiru (Open)

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Grand City of Kiru (Open)

Post by Kerum Kosha on Thu Jul 23, 2015 2:24 pm

It was mid-morning, the air was a bit chilly due to being near the ocean side of the city but all and all the city was warm. It was his first time here, having avoided most civilized areas after always being attacked by angels. It must be his luck as most did not talk about how kill happy the angels were. People would often look at him with interest or fear mostly due to his blue half mask that he wore, it stuck out greatly. Not to mention his blue phoenix armor was not something one would see every day either.

Kerum had already visited the stores and guild halls, as well as the quest board. It was a great city, now he was in the beach area enjoying the weather sitting on a bench watching people come and go. Part of him wanted to go to the restaurant but another part did not want to.
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