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How to Create Parties

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How to Create Parties

Post by Kurei Natsumori on Mon Jul 13, 2015 6:14 pm

So you wish to form a group or party with your friends and take on a quest together. Groups are to be friends who take on all sorts of tasks together and are usually quite compatible. As allies and comrades in arms they also earn a bit of a bonus when traveling in a full group. The more members from your group the better! Each group may have up to 8 Members per Party. 

How to submit a groups creation:
[b]Group Banner:[/b]Place image or design of your group

[b]Party Leader:[/b] Name of the creator, and person in charge of your group.
[b]Party Name:[/b]
[b]Members In Group:[/b] Names of everyone in the party.
[b]Party Level:[/b] Starting groups are level 1
[b]Group Description[/b]What your purpose is for starting a group ? Be it for Money, be it for power, be it for fame ? Write out several sentences for it.
You can submit this info in the Pending Section

For Quests, these are the extra bonuses for preforming quests in group! For you to be considered a group for a questing adventure, you must have at least 3 members to begin to receive credit.

  • 3 Members - 10% Increase in Exp + Gold Reward Increased by 5%
  • 4 Members - 15% Increase in Exp + Gold Reward Increased by 10%
  • 6 Members - 20% Increase in Exp + Gold Reward increased by 15%
  • 8 Members - 25% Increase in Exp + Gold Reward Increased by 20%
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