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Sylver's Powers

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Sylver's Powers

Post by Sylver on Sun Jul 12, 2015 2:05 am

Name: Cute Charm
Level: 1
Power Type: Will
Effect: Sylver winks and blows a kiss, her Cuteness allows her to distract a target of the opposite sex, and stop their attack. 
Weakness: If it’s too dark to see Sylver this power has no effect. No effect on same gender or multi gendered characters.
Duration: 1 post
Cool Down: 4 posts

Name: Doll Eyes
Level: 1
Power Type: Will
Effect: Sylver’s eyes become doll like in an irresistibly cute way that weakens her opponents strength and accuracy by -1.
Weakness: If it’s too dark to see Sylver this power has no effect. No effect if target is more than 30 feet away.
Duration: Instant, effect lasts 3 posts
Cool Down: 4 posts 

Name: Foxy Nature
Level: 1
Power Type: Will
Effect: Sylver shape shifts into a cute fox, raising her speed and agility status up by +2. Making it easier to escape dangerous situations.
Weakness: Lowers attack and toughness stats by -2 as well.
Duration: 4 posts (or earlier)
Cool Down: 6 posts

Name: Heart Ache
Level: 1
Power Type: Light
Effect: Sylver shoots little balls of energy in the shape of  hearts with a small glow around them that damages opponents when struck. If an opponent is hit with 5 of her hearts, within 10 posts, it will temporarily immobilize them for one post. Sylver can shoot three hearts in one post.
Weakness: 10 foot radius.
Duration: 1 post
Cool down: 3 posts

Name: Cuteness Overload
Level: 1
Power Type: Light
Effect: Sylver releases a burst of cute energy in the form of a bright pink aura from her body with a 30 ft. radius. Everyone within the aura distractedly falls in love with Sylver and cannot attack anyone for the next 3 posts. After effect wears off, everyone effected will be calmer and much less likely to want to continue to fight.
Weakness: Sylver becomes the center of attention and cannot run away without being detected by those suffering from Cuteness Overload. This effects friends and foes alike.
Duration: Instant, effects lasts 3 posts
Cool down: Once per Topic.

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Re: Sylver's Powers

Post by Kurei Natsumori on Mon Jul 13, 2015 4:07 pm

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