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Sylver (The Cutie Pie)

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Sylver (The Cutie Pie)

Post by Sylver on Sun Jul 12, 2015 1:57 am

   Name: Sylver
   Age: 18
   Origin/Home: Small City
   Gender: Female
   Deity: The Lovable Ones
   Sexual Orientation: Straight
   Race: Human
   Background/History: Sylver was raised in a loving home. The day she was born was the happiest in her parents lives. Never before had they seen a baby so beautiful. All of her parents friends were in awe at the sight of her. Some envious that their children were not as stunning as her. The more she grew, the more beautiful she became. As a child other little children loved to play with her. Her girlish cute charms made her irresistible to all those around her, especially the boys. In a fit of envy one of Sylver’s mother’s supposed “friends” was so upset that Sylver was getting much more attention from the male suitors in the city than her daughter, that she consulted with a witch to have her cursed. One day as Sylver played in the city, the witch disguised herself as a small child in order to approach her. When she had finally managed to make close contact with her, she muttered out a curse. “Sylver’s beauty often shocks, causing many boys to flock, but this exterior is one that mocks, so turn this girl into a fox!” Sylver then became a cute little fox, cursed by the witches power. The witch then changed into her true form and tried to capture her, but her fox speed allowed her to run away from her, and she managed to escape. She scurried around when she was finally safe, not knowing what to do. She felt doomed to be a fox forever. After a while she found her way home. Luckily the witch had not cursed her vocal cords and was able to explain to her parents what had accorded. They set out to looks for the witch, but her shape shifting could allow her to be anything or anyone, and they quickly lost track of her whereabouts. Sylvers parents tried everything to change her back. They brewed potions, prayed, and even tried to ask Sylver if she could change back herself, but sadly all failed. Their worries echoed through the city and finally a friendly wizard heard their cries and approached their doorstep. He offered to help by using his magic to change her back, but he couldn’t guarantee that all traces of the curse would be gone. Her parents quickly agreed, eager to have their little girl back. The wizard worked his magic and soon Sylver was back to her old self again. Her parents thanked the Wizard and he was off again. Sylver remembered his warning time and time again. All traces of the cruse might not be gone. One day she might not be human anymore. As of now she was back to her old self, sort of. She felt strangely different after her transformation, but she brushed it off as her just being shakey. Her parents were so happy to have her back. They could never risk something like this happening to her ever again. They felt a great deal of love for Sylver, and with that love they locked her away so she would be safe from all harm under their watchful eyes. Sylver grew up in doors after that. Never seeing the light of day. Her parents gave her all that her heart desired in that house but she did not wish much but to have a companion and to be free. After years of being locked up she craved the free air, and the ability to roam as her heart pleased. She missed contact with other people. She felt alone, as her childhood passed by her and she was wasting her teen years without the feeling of being loved by anyone but her parents. Truthfully she missed the attention, but that’s what had her cursed in the first place. One night as her parents slept, Sylver crept out into the night. She wanted to feel like she was free again. She roamed the city market, which had a few people still there in the late hour, hoping to find some excitement. From the moment she walked in all eyes were on her. People stopped to gawk at her, shocked by how beautiful she was. Sylver smiled. She felt good that she was getting admiration for a while, but her time away had made her very shy. She didn’t know how to communicate with people, so she just browsered the market not speaking to anyone, unless they spoke to her. But no one did. They were all in awe by her. After some time there, she decided to head back home it was very late at this point so she should return before her parents found out she was missing. On her way back a dark figure crept behind her. She ignored it and continued walking, but it followed her wherever she turned, and soon caught up. “What’s a pretty little thing like you doing out here all by yourself?” Sylver turned to see  a creepy perverted looking man. “I was just leaving.” Sylver continues walking but the man chases her. “Hey where do you think you’re going?!?” he yells. Sylver becomes scared and starts running faster and faster away, but he’s always on her tail. He reaches out to grab her but right before he makes contact… “What the fuck?” he says confused. Sylver transformed into a fox with incredible speed and agility and runs off, leaving him behind.  She arrives at home in her fox form, unsure of what to do next. She was a fox again and as lucky as it was that it helped her escape, it was not likely they’d find another Wizard to change her back. Sylver cried, and wished she was human again. She cried herself to sleep and upon waking up she discovered she had transformed human again on her own. She decided not to tell her parents because then that would give away the fact that she ran away last night. But that secrete wouldn’t stay secrete long. Rumors about this beautiful girl spread around the city like wildfire and not long after reached her parents hears. They yelled and screamed at Sylver for leaving without permission, and Sylver resented them for not giving her, the love and freedom she deserved.  Not long after Sylver packed a bag and ran off for good, leaving the city behind and finding a new place to start over so then she could be truly free, and find the love and admiration she desired. Not long after she discovered Kiru City and started a new life there. She trained herself to be able to shift into and out of fox form on command, and discovered other hidden powers that she had. A few years after settling, her path crossed with the old Wizard that had helped her changed back into her human form. She told him all of her journey and he rewarded her braveness with a Staff. This staff gave her the power to defend herself well when put in danger, and he enchanted it to show up only on her command. She trained with it as well until she felt like she had mastered it and all her powers. Although she doesn’t like to fight this was all for her defense, in case she felt in trouble. Sylver worries about her parents every now and again, but her new life waits, no more living in the past. It was time she got out there and made some new friends so she could truly start anew.
   Personality: Cute, cuddly, flirtatious, loving, protective, defensive, and adorable.
   Likes: Everything PINK! Cute things! Flirting. Cute guys. Flirting with cute guys.
   Dislikes: Dark things. Not being wanted. Witches. Unnecessary fights. Creepy things.
   Mate/spouse/lover: None in specific. (She likes to flirt around)

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Re: Sylver (The Cutie Pie)

Post by xXNovaXxFate on Sun Jul 12, 2015 2:35 am


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