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Kryullus, Fallen One (FIN)

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Kryullus, Fallen One (FIN)

Post by Kryullus on Tue Jun 30, 2015 9:44 am

   Name: Kyrullus
   Age: 6,363 (If not Older)
   Origin/Home: Shadow Lands
   Gender: None, Presumed Male
   Deity: Ryner
   Sexual Orientation: None
   Race: Demon (Shade)
   Background/History: An Ancient Servant of Ryner, A creature that could be said to have fallen from grace and having fallen and being sealed long ago, it was once said to wield a blade and be more of a physical presence, a creature that has returned to the world to revel in the fun of manipulating others, far weaker that it once was, it aims to bide its time and regain its strength, seeking to manipulate being of increasing strength when it can, it still holds some loyalty to Ryner though is an entity which is far more existing for itself rather than in the Service of Ryner, Its name is no longer known it is a creature that could be truly said to have returned to the shadows from where it came.

Its seals broke sometime ago, it was held back at bay for long enough for when it returned it had no place that it would recognise alongside its the lack of contact among its old allies and associates. It now finds its self somewhat lost lurking ancient forests, feasting on living prey it comes across be it either there minds or there bodies though it doesn't really need to feast or eat in the normal way by any means more often feeding off there energy.

It could be said the Kryullus could have existed for eternity as a dark servant, in a multitude of different forms though this current one could be said to be far more separated from Ryner.

   Personality: A chaotic being that focuses on manipulating its prey. Though it isn't necessarily evil, it follows whims at random and is hard to predict what course of actions to decide to follow through with. A trickster at heart and unpredictable as many others, Though it does prefer to manipulate females due to there reactions and responses to manipulation being far more pleasing.

-Pain of others and itself
-Being in the presence of another being
-Warmth of a creature
-Beauty of Bodies or Mind
-Breaking Strong Wills and Minds
-Being Sealed or Destroyed
-Quick Endings
-Fair Fights

   Mate/spouse/lover: None Known

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Re: Kryullus, Fallen One (FIN)

Post by Annabelle on Tue Jun 30, 2015 2:47 pm


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